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Currently: All over the place but also totally focused


Loving: how helpful some people can be. Help comes from the most unusual places and the most unexpected ones as well and I'm just grateful to everyone who's been extending a helping hand to me as I try to figure out how to make sense of all the nonsense. Especially when you realise how unhelpful others can be, you tend to be more grateful for those that can help.

Reading: I'm a sucker for romance and weddings so Catherine Bybee's series The Weekday Brides is pretty awesome. Of course, they're formulaic and i know how it'll end but it's still nice to read something light and fluffy. Nora Roberts needs to release something light and fluffy soon.

Watching: The fall shows are back and I'm trying to start on Gotham -- I can't resist some Batman AND some Ben Mackenzie, so I hope the shows turns out to be okay. The opening sequence felt very Arrow-like, not that it's a bad thing but I have high hopes. Also something I'm excited for is Madam Secretary just because I haven't found something to fill The West Wing void. The pilot was good so I'm hoping the rest will be, too.

Anticipating: The #CandyFair2014 happening this weekend. I'm really nervous because it's the first time I'm directly handling it even if it's my fourth one already. I've never been so scared or paranoid in my life and I hope it all just goes as smoothly as it can. Happy girls, happy advertisers, and really cooperative weather.

Listening to: For some reason, I've gotten back on my Lorde-kick. With the Mockingjay OST being released soon, I did a little throwback to Pure Heroine -- the extended version and it's really fun. I read her new album would be different but I hope a good kind. Buzzcut Season is one of my favourites now.

Planning: for Japan with jamypye! I have my ticket but I have to work on my visa which should technically be not too bad but i'm terrible with getting papers together. I should really fix it soon and get my hotel before it's too late. I don't want to cram this.

Working on: The turnovers. I've got less than a month left in the office (i'm really nervous about my last day -- but more on that later) and I have two people to turn over to, and one more person we're looking for. I hope we find her before I leave because I'd hate to not turn over my baby, to someone.

Wishing: I'm not unemployed for too long. I don't mind the rest but I'm really scared of being income-less for a couple months. I'm not used to not cutting a pay check anymore. it's not the boredom, it's more of the money, so i'm hoping it's going to be a not too challenging search.

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