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12 of 12: My last one in the office, I just realised

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    I've been doing this for quite a while and a lot of them have fallen on work days which honestly are me in front of a laptop without much activity, and so I tried my best to make the day look as interesting as possible. This is my last 12 of 12 on a work day and I'm glad it had some activity.

    01. 12:00am, my grandma's room

    I'm actually starting a non-romance book and it's supposed to be good but I hope I am a 'serious' reader and not just someone who likes fluff. Because I Like fluff but i want to expand and I hope this one makes me do that.t

    02. 6:00am, my room

    The nice little calm view from my window. I used to be able to see Commonwealth almost clearly and now, years later, this is all that's left of my view. There used to be giant tree outside my room, too.

    03. 6:15am, my room

    Oh hello, 1D pillow that rests on my bed. I haven't slept in my bed recently just because my grandma's room is so comfy and so convenient but I do miss my pillow and probably should come back soon

    04. 7:30am, Commonwealth Avenu

    It's Jill's carpool day and she's prompt as always to pick me up and so we're off. I always cross my fingers that Friday traffic isn't too bad and I'm lucky today that it's not horrible, just bad. I'm glad.

    05. 9:15am, Cybergate lobby

    And i finally made it to the office. Despite the least amount of traffic we've had all week, it's still a pretty long ride. I ended up reading and napping a lot with Jill. I'm getting old. I can't do traffic anymore.

    06. 10:00am, Office lobby

    Waiting for Koko to come along so we can grab coffee and meet and I see the row of magazines we've got. It always still amazes me that I'm working for the place I work at. Despite the stress and challenges, I'm really grateful.

    07. 10:45am, Starbucks, Forum

    First coffee of the day and digital 101 time. I'm a bad teacher, I realise. So much for those dreams of becoming the cool high school elective teacher all the girls liked. Let's try this digital 101 thing again.

    08. 2:00pm, Starbucks, Greenfield

    After lunch, it's brainstorm time with the girls for October. I love that we've got these things in place now. Definitely one of the things I"ll miss the most about work.

    09. 5:30pm, my office cube

    And the countdown to #CandyFair2014 continues. Watch out for a flood on my feed on September 27. I literally can't believe it's this time of the year already and it's finally my turn to handle this event. I'm both nervous and excited and just hope all of it goes well.

    10. 6:00pm, Office row 4

    Look at that smile??? That's the smile of someone about to go on an indefinite leave. I'm so jealous of this colleague but I'm sure he'll miss his work. One of the hardest workaholics in the office. Have fun in the US!

    11. 8:33pm, Kapitolyo

    And we're off heading home. I love that Roana happened to still be there and willing to take me home. Carpool is definitely one of the best decisions we did for work. I'm glad I met my carpool group.

    12. 9:15pm, dining room

    You know what's awesome? Coming home to tuna sashimi, beef gyudon and miso soup for dinner. Mom knows what I love and I wish I knew how to pull this off. Hello full tummy for dinner. I will never get thing. Screw after-six diets.

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