Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Best of: August 2014

The last of the non-BER months and the sort of calm before the storm of my work life so it wasn't such a bad month. we had lots of holidays and a couple long weekends. We had a lot of storms and so much traffic. Traffic is so unbearably terrible these days. But still, it was a great August. It started great and it ended pretty well. So not a bad thing at all.

For someone who isn't a beach person, I sure do end up at Baler a lot. Koko, Rica and I started the month by taking a 6 hour ride twice to get to Baler for a weekend and back home again but the 12 hour total trip was worth it. Sure, it was overcast and a little gloomy but it was a nice break to just be away from the city. I wouldn't mind another random trip to the beach at all.

Went out with the parents and family a couple times this month and we ended up at this ramen restaurant where Paola and I proceeded to not order ramen -- we were in a rice mood. It wasn't bad either. We also visited my grandma and of course my little cousin was there. Alexa is exhausting to be around in the best way possible. I can't imagine having to deal with a kid for more than visiting hours.

The publishers got treated to dinner by our President and it was a buffet so I tried preparing for it by not eating too much the entire day. I'm glad I didn't pop out of my pants but it was a pretty good meal. Our table was crazy, as always and we didn't have the bosses with us, so we were just laughing the entire time and just generally not being too stressed over work. So it was a definite win.

Finally, I had my usual monthly dinners out with friends from the #kaladkarin dinners with ex and current officemates (Kaye joined us this month) to the Foot Zone massages (and movie! What If was pretty good) and the non-dinner dinner at Family Mart afterwards (their ready to eat food is pretty good) to our brainstorms, it's always nice to get out. Hello, September. I can't believe you're here already!

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