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Surfing with someone on the same Wave-length

The school bus actually forgot to pick us up. Meg and I were stuck at school till six in the evening. Not exactly my kind of fun, especially when I can't really go anywhere considering I was in my awful pants. Why not go to Galleria and experience the sale then? I had a gate pass, right? Well, I was always fearing the bus would arrive when I left and I didn't exactly want them to wait for me, or worse leave me. So, there I was standing around talking to my cousin, Nikki who was also waiting for Chinee to finally show up.

Still, they got home a lot earlier than I did.

I'm just glad that I'm finally home. I'm finally with my hands on this keyboard and I'm finally in comfortable clothes. I just realized that all the decent guys are either cult freaky leaders, gay, taken, untouchable, or related to you. What kind of sick joke is that? Why are there no decent available guys? I'm not looking. Really. It's just an observation.

I can probably count the number of guys I've spoken to who happened to make sense, and they're very few. I can count on one hand the people who have actually kept an interesting conversation and held my attention and not because they were hot. Not that I've talked to too many hot guys to begin with. But the guys who are actually on my wave length -- not to sound self-righteous -- are either out of my league or just plain out of the question.

I have to admit, I guess my standards are not that high. I can like guys for the shallowest of reasons. One because he's got a nice back. Yes, just his back. Another, because I had a false notion about him. And the other because he was just always around, but when it comes to really liking someone truly and not just because I want to want someone, I have probably not liked anyone at all.

I've felt giddy so many times, but have I felt stimulated or challenged by anyone? Nope. And more than anything else, that's what I want to feel. Yeah, I want the romance and happy joy-joy feelings, but I want to be able to talk. As cliché as this sounds, I want someone who can make me think. No, he doesn't have to be some genius in microbiology. He doesn't even have to be book smart, he just needs to be able to keep me interested.

And so far, no one's kept my attention for any longer than a minute. So maybe I'll meet someone in college. Or who knows? Maybe I won't even find anyone. I guess I'll just have to content myself in the knowledge that I didn't just settle for what was there.
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