Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: not quite relaxing but thankful for the 'long' weekend


Loving: the long weekend that was technically a non-weekend since I used it to work but any day away from the office is a good one and I'll take it. This makes me seriously consider a work-from-home position though I don't know how effective I'll be for that one. but that seems to be the last long weekend I'll have until I find new work soon.

Reading: So I'm trying to alternate some romance and some 'inspirational-self-help' types. I've recently finished Mindy Kaling's really awesome debut and can't wait for her next one. Tina Fey's BossyPants was a shockingly fast read and I'm really awed by Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In.

But of course, it's not all srs bsnss, the Weekday Brides series by Catherine Bybee had me at BRIDES. And it's similar-ish to Nora Roberts's Bride Quartet but with whackier side stories. Oh romance, never change.

Watching: I just started Outlander and so far, pretty freaking awesome. I'm considering reading the books but I'm not sure if I can commit just yet. I'm catching up on Halt and Catch Fire just because Lee Pace is one good looking man.

And I caught The Maze Runner and IF I Stay thanks to the Candy girls. And I loved the former but was just a little so-so on the latter. I didn't read either of the books but now I do want to read The Maze Runner. That movie really just made me incredibly exhausted.

Anticipating: my last full month of work! september is the month of the one big event Candy has and I'm scared/nervous but know the events team is A+. Still, I'm hoping they find my replacement for the last brand because I'd hate to leave my work without someone to turn over to. I'm hoping September is all about the turnover so I'm crossing my fingers.

Listening to: Taylor Swift's new single which I understand has people on the fence on but given my blind love for her, I adore. I'm really excited for the entire 1989 now. Though I'm scared at how 'pop' it'll be, I'm hopeful it'll have some Begin Again and All too Well-esque heartbreakers.

Planning: my post-employment life -- aka finding new work. The prospect of unemployment terrifies me but I know I need to take a step back and decompress, too. Still, five years of working and a steady income is very spoiling. I hope I survive the next couple of months with what little money I've had stored away. Hello, couch.

Working on: The 2015 Ad Sales Conference, also known as my last HUGE presentation for my current job. While I'm both nerve-wracked for it, I've done this four times already but somehow I want this to be really awesome, so I'm definitely going to lose a lot of sleep over this before I'm done.

Wishing: I could just finish my work already and not spend too much time on each slide so I can sleep properly this long weekend. Alas, the anal retentive portion of my brain knows I'm not going to stop until I think it's ok. This will pay off, I know. I just wish I could sleep already.

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