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12 of 12: When I tried my best to have an interesting day

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    I tried to do an alarm for this day just so that I don't forget to take photos like last time, but it wasn't too successful. Still, it was nice to be able to document another mundane day at the office. Seriously, nothing worth taking photos happens.

    01. 6:30am, my grandma's bedroom

    I've been squatting in my grandma's bedroom since my room is way too messy to live in. I should definitely get around to fixing it. I wonder when.

    02. 7:30am, Katipunan Avenue

    Traffic on the way to work is getting so bad that it now takes us two hours to get to work from our usual 1.5 hours. I don't know when they'll ever get to fix the traffic situation in Manila but it's really really bad now. I'm so tired by the time I get to the office.

    03. 9:30am, my office

    And we made it to the office. 2 hours later. The walk to the office is just the short reprieve we get until we actually have to start working. I swear I'm exhausted by the time I clock in. I shouldn't complain, I know. I'm grateful for work.

    04. 10:30am, my desk

    It's media kit season and the proofs have arrived for the brands I handle. I'm always so paranoid about letting a grammatical error slip through the cracks. I try reading as many times as possible in the hopes that I don't get anything wrong.

    05. 11:00am, my office

    And looks who drops by? Tasha, my former boss at my former office had a meeting with some officemates so we hung out for a bit and caught up. She literally lives a block or so from my office and I'm jealous at how little commuting she has to do.

    06. 2:00pm, 17th floor

    I'm not ready for Sales Con, I have to admit, but it was nice to get do a second run on my strat plan presentations. I should definitely get to working on the sales con presentations and not cram it all again, but you know I will eventually.

    07. 4:00pm, my desk

    Oh look, there's my pretty Tintin Calendar and my little rotary test for Candy and all the silly thing stuck to my wall now that my magnet board is practically filled up. I'm not loking forwarding to cleaning up my desk just yet.

    08. 4:30pm, my office

    No, we don't discuss these things but they happen a lot. Here's my boss matching with one of the artists from production. Isn't it awesome how some minds just think alike? We can literally make an album out of all the twinsie moments we all have.

    09. 5:30pm, my seatmate's desk

    I didn't get to chat with Leslie, who sits right behind me at all today -- which is the norm -- given how busy we both are, but when I get a chance to stand up and turn around, it's always nice to talk to another human being about non-work.

    10. 7:00pm, EDSA

    This is me trying to make an effort to go home earlier every day and though I leave the office at a quasi-decent hour, the traffic on the way home is still a chore. Not as bad as the way to work but still not good. So is life.

    11. 9:00pm, my grandma's room

    And so I try to unwind with some reading and reading Sheryl Sandberg's non-autobiography/non-self-help book is such an inspiration. I don't think I'm going to be a CEO of anything or a COO for that matter but she's definitely making me think of what i would do if I weren't afraid. Impressive

    12. 11:00pm, my grandma's room

    And here I am, barely awake for Teen Wolf as I watch Scott and Kira flirt and not flirt at the same time. I don't think I finished the episode and I probably fell asleep. It's not you show, it's me. i can't stay awake anymore.

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