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Back to Baler

I've said it many times before, I'm not a beach person, but when I get invited, I won't say no. And this time, we went back to Baler with two of my awesome office mates and it was glorious. We took Friday off and stayed until Sunday but it was the longest weekend ever.

We left early on Friday morning and took the longest bus ride ever (6 hours -- even further than Baguio!) and though I had my period, the bus had really nice seats so it wasn't sic a bumpy/uncomfortable time.

Sure, the weather wasn't sunny at all -- it was overcast and drizzled a lot -- but the beach was so pretty and calm and it was great to walk along the shore and take a quick dip each day. And the resort was so pretty. Our room was so nice, that I literally didn't want to leave. IN fact, i didn't. ON our first day, I literally slept the afternoon till evening away while my friends went out.

on our second day, we stayed by the pool and then headed to the beach and had really amazing liempo for lunch two days in a row. My kind of vacation is the one where you have nothing planned and you can just read and sleep and eat and then repeat all three.

As much as I wanted to try my hand at surfing again, there were zero waves to speak of and it was obviously a silly thing to want to try given how tiny the waves were. It was nice to see our other team mate, Teeff come by. How coincidental that she came around! we didn't even talk about it, but she arrived and it was like last year when the Candy girls were complete.

The last day was the sunniest of the three days and though I got slightly darker, I'm totally okay with that. It was hard to get back into my usual Sunday knowing I"d be back at work the next day but it was a great getaway. I really do need to do more of these.

I'm so glad Koko invited us for the weekend because I wouldn't have made the initiative or effort. Here's to many more.

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