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Best of: July 2014

I didn't think I'd survive this month. With strat plan at the start of the month, the outcome of the presentations were weighing heavily on me at the start of July so I'm glad it didn't go too bad. In fact, right after I got over that one crazy day (July 7, I will never forget you), I could smile and breathe and talk and just be a normal person again. I seriously forgot how to function for a bit after that.

I met one of my favourite authors, Stephanie Perkins for work. After working for 4 years with the company, the staff sent me to a press interview -- even if I'm technically not with the editorial team. I was super nervous but also super ecstatic and just flailing the entire time. I was able to see Teeff, too and hang out with Blanche and drop by the mall. Every day with the Candy girls is always a new adventure.

I did other things too this month. I attended my first ever Pop Fic Festival (and walked to the barber to get my hair cut -- it was near!), which was a totally new experience. It amazes me how so many girls respond to these books that Koko and the entire books team produces. It's such a phenomenon to me. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised, this is how I feel about the books I love. Of course, we had our monthly #kaladkarin dinner and I really need to prepare more for these things. So many stories, so little time!

And for the first time, Leslie, Mimi, Koko and I did a film viewing of sorts complete with Bonchon chicken and Zac Efron's abs. His body in Neighbors is UNREAL. I am so jealous of Michelle Rodriguez (I never thought I'd ever say that line).

And of course, we're always somehow matching in the office. I didn't get to take a group photo but for strat plan, the entire team was in chambray. Like everyone. Sure, we talked about it -- but even those I didn't get to inform, were somehow in chambray too. Then there are the unexpected ones, like me and Ate Cherry in red, or me and Aeus in PINK!!!! Owen and Dave in their light blue polos always crack me up with how they bring it to the photos.

Finally, we pulled off my dad's surprise 60th birthday without too much of a hitch. I'm so happy we were able to give him this. I wish my brothers could have all been here but it was just as awesome. Here's to another crazy 60+ years with dad.

I hope everyone's Julys were good. And here's to August. Can you believe we're almost in the BER-months of the year? 2014 is going by pretty quickly.

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