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Currently: Trying to get my groove back


Loving: The overcast weather. Yes, the typhoon that ravaged us wasn't something I want repeated but I do like the breaks and the gloomy weather and just the general cool climate we're getting. Of course, the next day could be totally sunny, as if nothing happened but I'll take the dark skies any day.

Reading: I just finished isla and the Happily Ever After thanks to Yvette (and I loved it, obviously), so I'm trying to keep my ball rolling by starting The Geography of You and Me. I really liked the first book and the second book was okay so I hope this one is as well.

Watching: So there's this movie called, She's Dating the Gangster that was based off this book that became popular on our website's forum and that got published by our company and is now a movie by Star Cinema and it's out and I saw it with my office mates and though it's not something I would watch again and again, it was pretty damn entertaining. The director, Cathy Garcia-Molina directed a couple of the John Lloyd/Sarah movies I really enjoyed and this one stars KathNiel or Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla -- the hottest teen love team on my side of the world so it was produced pretty well. Plus, there were a bazillion cameos by 'big stars.'

it amazes me how this movie literally came about from a pub report and the recurring top thread on the forum. I'm so proud of the books team that brought the fic to life into a book and now the book into a movie. Amazing how things can happen, yes?

Anticipating: My elder sister coming home for my dad's birthday next Saturday. I haven't seen my sister since May (really recent, I know) but I do really want to see her. And my little sister is finally coming home after TWO MONTHS in New York City (aka my life dream) but I"m so happy she had an experience of a lifetime interning for a design company but I can't wait to have her home.

Listening to: Nothing but Ed Sheeran. His album, X just killed me and I have literally had it on repeat EVERYDAY since it's been released. My favourite is definitely Thinking Out Loud but One, Photograph and Tenerife Sea come close. The entire album is love and he's just releasing hit after hit. Please come to our side of the world and let me see you live.

Planning: the last week of July which has a holiday and an office getaway sandwiched in it. I hope I don't have to cram too much before it so i'm going to try and work really hard next week and be really focused on what I have to do so I won't be too frazzled when the holidays come up.

Working on: our secret project with mom that I'm paranoid will be found out but I shouldn't because the subject of our secret project is pretty dense about it. I hope it all turns out for the best, especially since I'm no good at logistics. Fingers crossed please

Wishing: That I get to find that balance. Of easing myself out and yet still having the focus and determination to continue. I've been told I need to bring the Old!Patty back and though I don't necessarily believe I need to, maybe just a generally happier New!Patty is what needs to come out. Here's to happiness these next 88 days.

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