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12 of 12: When I really did forget to take photos

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
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  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
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    I have a confession. I forgot to take photos today and the sad part is, I actually did a shit load of things today. I went to a food event where I pigged out like crazy; went to a friend's event that was pretty nuts; had my hair trimmed at my newly discovered favourite barber shop and then had Japanese for dinner.

    Don't despair though. I found a way around it. From the 4-5 photos I took, I scoured Instagram and my friends pages for their photos of my day. Thank goodness other people remembered to take photos. Thanks, Macy and Pat and Kiko and the Yummy Instagram for documenting my day for me.

    01. 10:15am, Metro Tent

    So this is the entire group we hung out with at Yummy Eats photo courtesy of Pat Martires. His adorable son Parker is the baby we're all fawning over in this photo. Teeff is my ex-teammate whom I miss everyday and now teaches yoga, then Koko, my boss but also the bestest boss you could ever have, Mimi, former Candy friend, now a Total Girl friend, Macy, my Candy managing ed for web and probably one of my first Candy friends and Peachy, the cute baby's mom. This is us pre-eating.

    02. 10:45am, Metro Tent

    This was one of the amazing concessionaires I really loved. they served ostrich burgers and salpicao. I had the salpicao and it was heaven. I don't know if it's mean to eat ostrich but I don't do it often but it was awesome.

    03. 11:00am, Metro Tent

    Oh look, the wall we posed in front of already has a ton of writing. Technically, this was taken way after I left but I wanted to share it. I'm not very good with chalk or anything but as messy as it looks, it doesn't look too bad.

    04. 11:15am, Metro Tent

    Oh look, same people but a lot more satisfied. We've gone through a bit of the booths this time around and found another friend, Erin! Erin is our web fashion girl and also known as my girl crush. She recently cut her hair and I love it. She looks great.

    05. 3:30pm, Felipe & Sons

    Wait, what? A time jump? Yes, because I totally forgot to document me traveling to Glorietta and hanging around a bit the Pop Fic Fest pre-event happenings and now I'm already at the hair trim I've scheduled. One of our boss-bosses decided to treat all the male publishers to a hair cut here last May and I tagged along being male and all. And I really liked what Archie did to my hair so i came back and he was there to give me a trim! Win!

    06. 4:00pm, Ayala Triangle Gardens

    I never get to do this, but I decided to walk back from the barbers to the mall because Google Map said it'd take me less than 20 minutes. And true enough, it did. And it was such a pretty walk. Makati on a weekday is hustle and bustle but on the weekend? Not bad at all. I need to walk around leisurely more often.

    07. 5:00pm, Glorietta 2

    I'm so happy Yvette lent me her ARC because I have been waiting for this book for ages. And it was not a disappointment. I didn't get to finish it while waiting around but I did get to start it and I don't know how I waited to so long (till the next day) but I'm glad I got to read it.

    08. 7:00pm, Glorietta 2

    Oh look! Thanks, Kiko (my office mate) who handles the Pop Fiction IG account so well. This was such a cute shot and such a nice surprise for all the attendees to have the cast of She's Dating the Gangster (yes, that's a real thing) come by the event. I will forever be a fan of Kathryn because she is adorable and said, Hey Candy Girls! Really loud when she came out onstage.

    09. 8:15pm, Glorietta 2

    And here's the books team which I am not part of but wanted to support. They're such a lean group that's producing so much work and bringing in so much (moneyzzz) and I'm so proud of them. Kudos, everyone! Consider me a fan.

    10. 8:30pm, Glorietta 2

    Oh look, the two most stressed people about this event can now breathe a little easier and be okay. Saturdays at work aren't the best but to have it hinge on an event and the success of that is something else. So yay! Working on a Saturday-worth it. You can enjoy your weekend Saturday now.

    11. 9:15pm, Just G

    Me? This is me spending a TON OF MONEY on dresses I don't need. My excuse? I haven't shopped in a long time. But really, that isn't an excuse. Because I shouldn't be spending this much money anyway. Four dresses later, I should really stop.

    12. 10:00pm, Nihon Bashitei

    And yes, I realise I ate a ton of food this morning but I could not resist and could not say no to Japanese and fresh chirashi for dinner (a really late dinner). What a day. I wish I took better photos and more of them at that. but this wasn't bad.

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