Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Almost There

This was the longest weekend ever.

I have literally not slept for more than 24 hours but it's all ok because the month-long preparation for strategic planning is done. I've presented my brands and things weren't perfect but it's over and I can sleep.

It's crazy because no matter how 'early' you prepare for this kind of thing, it always gets changed up until the last minute. And though I always look forward to planning as a time of really getting to think of new things for the new year, it's also the most stressful time because time doesn't stop and day to day things still go on.

So after many tears, and a lot of fears, I presented for four and a half hours straight (an hour over my allotted time) and we got out alive. I'm sad I won't be there next year to actually do the plans we made, but I'm glad we got the go signal for most things even if nothing is set in stone.

This was the most difficult strat plan presentation despite me having to present for the least amount of titles since I started this job but it was the most detailed presentation I had to do and the most nerve-wracking one to present.

And now, all I want to do is sleep everyday and not work when I get home and leave my work in the office. At least for the next week or so. I"m so happy I survived. We're almost there.
Tags: employment

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