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Best of: June 2014

HOLY CRAP THE MONTH IS OVER and we're officially halfway through the year. Though 2014 is going by so quickly, there are moments of excruciatingly slow times and I'm trying to see the best and be positive but you know I'm totally stressed and not good. June was crazy. I don't know how we survived it with the rush of planning and everything else but I'm just glad it's over.

PB's home!!! I'm so incredibly happy that my brother is back in Manila even if with the worst timing ever -- coming home in the middle of strat planning where i'm basically a zombie and a half. But still, he's home and I Couldn't be happier.

And how could i forget? Bianca got married! I can't believe someone my age is married -- although yes, we're not very young and Bianca and Joseph were together for like 10 years but that's crazy. And of course, I got to watch Taylor Swift and have the time of my life and cry it all out at TFIOS. So over-all a crazy first couple of weeks.

I also saw my barkada twice in one month which is rare. It's really a unicorn because that never happens. I saw them at Iza's graduation dinner. I can't believe TWO of my friends are now doctors. They're just one board exam away! Then we got together for Lee-ANn's birthday which i was insanely late to, of course. I'm glad we're still friends.

Then of course there was the Candy girls. WE planned for 2014 and we ate out and brainstormed and generally had a ball of fun. They really make all the stress and crap worth it. Working with them has been one of the highlights of my four years in the company and I'll miss it but I'm happy I had the experience.

but best of all, was despite the fact that I should have been toiling over strat plan, I actually had the gall to go to Baguio with my family for five entire days. And sure, I was working the entire time, but it was nice to just step away from the office and breathe the not-so-fresh but cold Baguio air. I love this city and I wish I could go up more often. I definitely want to go back.
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