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It's all Fine and Dandy

So I'm obsessed. With The Mindy Project and it all started out as harmless and me just crushing on Chris Messina but then now I've spiralled into rewatching the entire series and just trolling Tumblr for anything related to her. It's a sickness, I know.

Now, instead of working, i'm marathon watching the first and second season again just because I miss the show already and need to see season 3 already. Help me, someone.

15. Tom McDougall (Bill Hader)

Obviously, we can't let Mindy go back to Tom just because he seemed to kickstart her spiral anyway, but it was fun to see Bill Hader in action -- douche-style. And though things don't turn out good for him anyway, it's still funny to see Bill Hader in a non-Stefon role so i'll take it.

14. Dennis (Ed Helms)

I love how Mindy's exes always end up having a new girl they're engaged to or get with after her and Dennis, the investment banker, wasn't such a bad deal. Except he was the first date on the show and so we knew it would end up badly. Having been set up by Gwen (Anna Camp -- whom I miss terribly), I was hoping to see more of him but I guess not.

13. Matt (Seth Meyers)

We barely saw Matt, the architect, and thus my ranking him so low but I'm sure he would have ranked a wee bit higher if she went on more than one four gelatto and pretzel dates with him. There wasn't much wrong with him other than he was probably just a cameo. Damn, that would have been fun.

12. Lee (Max Greenfield)

It's always nice to see people cross-over seeing Schmidt Lee, the first-grade teacher was actually nice for a bit except for the part where he disappears and doesn't ever let Mindy see him. I really would have liked him but knew he couldn't stay long given he was on The New Girl but it was fun to see them cross over. Now can someone move over to the other show?

11. Graham (Timothy Olyphant)

As flirty as Graham, the skater boy, looked, he was actually pretty fun. It's amazing how they made Timothy Olyphant look so dirty and bum-ish when he usually looks really really good. I wish that this would have lasted more than an episode just to see Mindy let loose for a bit.

10. Sam (Seth Rogen)

Another one that was fun for a bit and I didn't necessarily want to see pan out to t anything was Mindy's childhood friend, Sam, from the military. Seth Rogen was a nice addition and just a nice flashback to Mindy's past. The date was awkward but nice.

9. Adam (Josh Meyers)

How did I not now he was Seth Meyer's brother? I love that Josh, the male prostitute, was actually given a lot more screen time/plot line than a lot of other guys and he was really funny to have around. I really wanted him to last a bit more, too just because he was hilarious in how he made everyone so uncomfortable and yet he was so genuine.

8. Jamie (BJ Novak)

It's always nice to see The Office folks drop by and Jamie, the Latin teacher in love with his best friend (played by Eva Amuri) was so adorable. It was so obvious that he was into her and not Mindy but it was cute to see Mindy try and make it work with him.


7. Jason (Ben Feldman)

It's so weird seeing someone from Mad Men come by, so seeing Jason, the intellectual who can belt out Katy Perry was really really cute. I don't remember much about him cause Mindy was always blowing him off but when he broke out the ukelele, he won me over.


6. Brendan Deslaurier (Mark Duplass)

As douche-y as he was made out to be, Brendan, the midwife, was definitely pretty entertaining and he was surprisingly sweet when you don't expect it. For all the client-grabbing and all-knowning-ness, he did get Mindy a constellation and for that, I'll forever like him. I'm easy that way.


5. Cliff Gilbert (Glenn Howerton)

This was a little too fast for it to amount to anything but Cliff, the lawyer (who I can't unsee from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was really just adorable. He came at the wrong time, too but he was just what we needed to push Danny front and centre which is always good news. Plus, he did a grand gesture complete with a mariachi band. How can you not say yes?


4. Josh Daniels (Tommy Dewey)

I didn't like Josh, the sports lawyer, at first to be honest but he really grew on me. Sure, we all knew he was a lying, cheating douche bag but he did try to work on his issues and even if his wedding turned out to be a bust, he was a nice growing up guy for Mindy. Plus, he got her out of her shell.


3. Charlie Lang (Tim Daly)

Despite how short lived this was (3 episodes, barely), Charlie, the detective, was one of the manliest men ever on this show and I'm excited to see Tim Daly on Madam Secretary just so we see more of him. It was Danny's time to shine and I get that but did they really have to waste such a specimen for this transition??? I loved his 'sauce' showdown with Danny and just how chill he was. Bring him back please.


2. Casey Pearson (Anders Holm)

This was the most heart-breaking boyfriend because they really built up Casey, the pastor-missionary turned DJ turned shoe store owner only to really let us down. Sure, they got really serious, cut her hair and moved abroad for a missionary and then got engaged only to not get married and then they totally let him go on a downward spiral with the quitting pastor-hood and becoming a DJ and everything else. Sadness, because he was a real cutie.


1. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina)

Which leads us of course, to Danny, THE gynaecologist and man of all seasons. Despite being annoyed at Mindy half the time, he's been there for her throughout it all from Josh cheating on her at the Christmas party, to all the weird guys in between, to being concerned that Mindy and Casey were moving too fast then of course to feeling bad that Cliff got there before him and really just being bolder around Charlie.

Dandy forever and ever. The entire last couple of episodes of season 2 were perfection and I could list all the reasons why Danny Castellano forever but this entry will never end. Instead, I shall link you to this list of reasons why Danny is the best. Well said, obviously.

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