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12 of 12: working on a holiday but having fun


  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    01. 8:27am, my room

    Of course, I didn't pack for this overnight till the day itself so here I am trying to figure out what to bring. It's one night only but it's still packing.

    02. 8:57am, C5

    Catching up on reading I should have done a long time ago but didn't do. I'm glad to be able to read though. These things I need to read for work are always very interesting

    03. 9:00am, C5

    I left the house and it rained as soon as I stepped out without an umbrella. I was lucky to find a cab right away and of course, there wasn't any traffic because it's a holiday. I want this to be the commute every day.

    04. 9:51am, my office cube

    I have a laptop! Trying to squeeze in some work before leaving for the hotel for the planning. It's so weird to have my own work laptop. I can work whenever! It's such a convenience.

    05. 10:13am, LG parking

    And we're ready to go! I always like riding the VR to things just because it's so fun to have a driver around. We only have him for a bit but it's still something i appreciate. Little victories.

    06. 2:30pm, Holiday Inn

    And we're camwhoring already. After brunch and with a bit of planning under our belt, we decide to utilise Erin's monopod. Though I'm not one for selfies, this is pretty nifty for solo travel. I like it. and am seriously tempted.

    07. 4:15pm, Holiday Inn

    At my seat on the floor facing the girls and leaning against the wall, the room had a nifty, HDMI cable where we could hook my laptop up to the TV. It was a pretty productive and quick planning session thanks to that and Excel.

    08. 8:32pm, SM Hypermart

    After dinner (Ramen! I didn't take photos because I totally forgot), we head to do some groceries for our night of debauchery. Yes, one bottle and Lays. So bad.

    09. 9:25pm, Holiday Inn

    But before we head to be bad, let's be good and do some work. Here we are shooting emails and not being bad at all. I swear, we're a bunch of nerds.

    10. 11:06pm, venue

    Channing Tatum was apparently very small in She's the Man. He didn't look bad. He looked great already but just really small compared to his Magic Mike self.

    11. 12:44am, Holiday Inn

    I believe this is still the 12th because until I slept, it wouldn't have been the 13th. This is us getting giddy over movies. We had a 'good girls gone bad' marathon with Amanda Bynes' She's the Man and Lindsay Lohan's Parent Trap

    12. 11:00am, Holiday Inn Lobby

    Technically, this is from June 13 but it was part of planning and the entire group was here. I look hunch backed here but it's a nice group photo so why not.

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