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This week in feels: #TFIOS and Taylor Swift

I don't know how I managed to survive this week. There were just too many feelings involved. Monday started off with a screening of The Fault in Our Stars which i knew I would be crying with, but I didn't realise how badly I'd be crying. I'm talking, faucet on full, snot coming out of my nose, shoulders shaking.

Shailene and Ansel were brilliant in it. And the adaptation was amazing. I guess it helped that John Green was on set all day, everyday but it was beautiful. I cried in portions I didn't think I would cry in (anything with Shailene's parents) and I didn't think I would be so emotional about the entire death.

I knew what was coming but seeing it come to life was just so heart-aching. From the moment they met, to the adorable text messaging (the speech bubbles!), I was just so giddy. But then Amsterdam came along and I loved it. I want to go to Amsterdam now. The entire sequence with Boom Clap playing got me so excited to land with them.

And then their date thanks to Peter Van Houten's assistant and they started playing Oblivion, I was both giddy and sad because I knew it was coming up already. But then M83's Wait came on and they were on the park bench and it just broke my heart. WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?!?!

And it all was downhill. The tears just flowed free and every time something bad happened to Gus, I was just screaming inside. I wanted to give Hazel a hug and I wanted to give Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster a hug. The eulogy, the letter from Gus and her talk with Isaac just killed me. This movie.

TFIOS was my introduction to the books of John Green and though I'm taking my time, I'm a little bit excited that Nat Wolff is starring in Paper Towns. TFIOS still trumps it, but I'll take what I can get.

And if that wasn't enough, Friday rolled around and I was lucky enough to catch Taylor Swift's Red Tour. Almost all the Candy girls came out and though we weren't all seated together, I knew we were all dancing like we were 22. And though this girl gets a ton of flack, I loved watching her and singing along at the top of my lungs to each and every song.

Technically, the show was sold out and I didn't realise till Tuesday that they had opened new tickets. So I bought one ticket just because. But by Thursday, Steph was able to snag tickets from Toyota and said she'd give me one. So I suddenly got upgraded to pretty awesome seats when really, I would have been perfectly happy in my ticket.

BUT WHO WAS I TO SAY NO??? And when Taylor came out on stage looking flawlessly resplendent in red, I knew I made the right direction to shell out some cash to see her live. I love the RED album. I feel like a teenage girl singing along to her songs and when she did Red, I just wanted to cry.

She is so theatrical live and though, not the best dancer, she's a performer and I love that she did 22. This song started out as something I didn't even quite like on the album, but it grew on me and crept up on me and now, I love it too much. I love that she's ang Fearless and an acoustic You Belong with Me. I didn't think I'd feel so much for that song, but I did. Issues, I tell you.

And though we didn't get the full full set, she did sing All too Well -- which is my favourite off the entire album so it was worth it. I swear, the show was pretty awesome and the crowd was great. I'm so glad I saw her live because with how happy she is with her girl besties these days, i don't know what kind of album she'll have out next.

What a week of ups and downs. From little infinities to being happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. It was awesome, though. And obviously, I need #TFIOS and Taylor icons. Someone point me in the right direction, please?

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