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Best of: May 2014

This feels long overdue, obviously but things have been very busy the past few weeks, days, hours, that it surprises me I have time for anything else but work. Still, May was a crazy month of me feeling both lost and stressed and happy and crazy. As neurotic as months get but we survived.

It was nice to be able to spend some sort of time with the family with everyone flying back in. Mom finally came home so dad was in better spirits. And though Ate Let went on vacation, the sweltering days weren't too bad spent at home with Pio and Paola on summer break. I miss the summers of past where we're all at home, but this wasn't too bad.
Koko went on vacation so I experienced my first ever solo-event and it was daunting and scary and all that, but I survived somehow thanks to the wonderful support system that was Rica and the Candy girls. I couldn't ask for a more solid set of girls that always have my back. It didn't go as smoothly as I could hope for, but that was that.
When things settled down though, I was finally able to resign and let it off my chest. I can't say things are better now but I feel lighter and more positive. Slightly positive. I don't think there's me feeling the way I did four years ago, not that it's all bad, because I've definitely had a ball. Just time for something new.
I had my hair cut again and saw ex-work friends so it was nice to catch up with everyone in the middle of the craziness. I'm glad that I was still able to get out for a bit. I was going stir crazy already with all the things I didn't want to deal with. It was nice to see Teeff before she left for her month-long yoga training. I miss her still.
The best part? I caught up with college friends whom I never get to see and the Batanes folk on a really impromptu dinner. There really is more to life than work and though I forget a lot of the time, it's always nice to remember.

June brings us a little closer to halfway through the month and it's crazy to know that we're almost 26 weeks in to 2014. How quickly does time fly? I hope you're all well.

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