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Miraculously Awake Before Four

Apparently, the earthquake really shook up and amused some people. I was awake for it too. But the swaying sensation just made me think that my back was really getting weak from sitting up in my bed, too engrossed in my crocheting Reggie's Slytherin scarf. Just three more boxes and I will be done! I can't believe it! I let my two scarves lay next to each other and I felt a sense of pride. So what if I'm a walking irony (a control freak who can't control herself)??? I'm not going to let it get to me. At least not as much.

In the middle of the earthquake, one of our helpers stormed into the room and yelled, "Earthquake!" Then it finally hit me, I wasn't just having a weak back, the plates under the earth were actually moving. The sleeping Paola is scooped up and we run to the door jam. Apparently, that's the safest place to be if you're on the second floor.

So that was my earthquake experience. No flickering lights, like last time. No sudden dash for cover under my desk, an automatic reflex. No rush at all. I guess I was too tired and too pissed off to even care. Heck, two of my siblings weren't even home yet. I was the only one of the first half of kids that was nestled in bed at that time.

But after the earthquake, I didn't sleep till five thirty in the morning. No, I wasn't consumed by sadness or anything that dramatic. I was caught up reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Thank to sexy Lexi, I am able to enjoy the first of Robert Langdon's (hottie alert!) adventures.

And I don't care what anyone says, I think the books are great. I couldn't put it down. Just like the first book I just didn't want to stop reading. And it never hurt to have someone as intelligent and presumably handsome character like Langdon as your lead character. His intelligence and quick wit are just so charming. Vittoria Vetra, the lucky girl in this book, may not be so lucky in some aspects, but she surely has struck gold with getting thatclose to Langdon.

Today, Pietro is going to be taking his Ateneo High School Entrance Test and I can say without bias, that he super deserves to get in. He's worked the hardest in this family and he's studied his ass off. He better get in or I'm going to personally march up to that admissions office and set in on fire. If they can't tell my brother's deserving, then it's down to ashes for them. (Obvious distaste for that school). Tscha!

And due to my lapse of depression yesterday, I was unable to share what a wonderful movie Le Divorce was. Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts were so fitting as sisters. And that movie had really hot male characters too. From the ex-husband, to her divorce lawyer, to the rich uncle/lover, all the guys in that movie had something to offer.

With Paris as their backdrop, how could I even complain. The place look terribly beautiful and it would be great to be there. Hopefully, not for a divorce.
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