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12 of 12: puking my guts (and everything else) out

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    01. 8:00am, the ding room table

    I took a sick leave today but of course, there were still some things to attend to. Lots of emails, mostly in between throwing up.

    02. 8:20am, the dining room table

    And so I'm drinking copious amounts of tea with honey in between working and what not. I'm sure there's better tasting tea out there but I'll take this if it works.

    03. 9:00am, the living room table

    I'm staying downstairs so it doesn't get too hot and since I'm supposed to be resting, I thought I'd break out some Pinterest to wile away the time. Yes, not bad at all.

    04. 10:10am, kitchen table

    I'm not allowed to eat much but the mangoes look awfully tempting. Plus my dad loves these so we save them for him.

    05. 10:11am, kitchen table

    Now this, I can eat. I can eat lots of this but I can only consume so many apples in a day. It helps keep the doctor away, I know but it's a little too late for that now.

    06. 3:00pm, my bedroom

    Trying to catch up on backlog of the many diaries I keep. I read that Emma Watson kept a bazillion journals and I can only imagine the stuff she puts in it. Meanwhile, mine goes, today I barfed.

    07. 3:05pm, my bedroom

    And this is me, trying to crack open another thing I need to catch up on. I swear, I wish I were better at doing this keeping up with journals business.

    08. 5:00pm, my bedroom

    Another thing I'm bad at? Moisturising. This bottle was given to me by Anna in college and it's still on my bedside table years later. I should do this everyday.

    09. 5:15pm, my bedroom

    This is not my shirt but Paola and I share a room and sometimes I wish we could share clothes, too. I wish we did, that way, the closet space would be divided fairly. Right now, she's getting the bad end of the stick

    10. 7:00pm, kitchen

    With our cook away, mom's been making all the meals and though I won't be able to eat this thanks to my upset stomach, it looks pretty good (albeit watt too healthy)

    11. 7:30pm, my bedroom

    It's been excruciatingly hot and not even the electric fan can help me cool down a bit. I wish it were already the BER months because this summer is not fun at all.

    12. 8:00pm, my bedroom

    And hello there, Michiel Huisman. Seeing him as Cal and on Game of Thrones is always such a treat. I wish it were him all the time on my screen.

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