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Best of: April 2014 (and happy 10 years of LJ to me!)

Let me start off by saying April 30 marks the 10 year anniversary of my LJ. Though technically, I've been 'blogging' for 11 years (I couldn't get into LJ a year before because I didn't know anyone and needed one of those invites things so I spent a year at Blurty instead). And LJ seems to be the biggest commitment I've had in my life. It's been with me through high school, college and two jobs.

Seen me through multiple crushes (real boys and reeeeel boys), a bazillion randoms, multiple layouts, icons, profiles and just a lot of friends and I want to say thanks to everyone who's made my life richer on LJ. I've met real life friends through here, maintained online friendships (that don't quite feel like just online friendships anymore) and have survived the great Tumblr migration and Twitter's overtaking.

Still, there are still some great folks over here and I'm so happy for each and everyone of you. Here's to the next 10 more years? Will any of us still be around? I hope so.

So April turned out to be a pretty busy month and I had a lot of hellos and goodbyes to people in my life. My parents left for the US and I ended up being the lady of the house which I'm not too fond of. But my dad came home Holy Week and Pamy was here the week after for a day (I took a day off from work to say hi) and it was fun to have us almost sort of complete (minus mom, PB and Pietro).

My cousin Nikki though said goodbye and farewell for now as she embarks on her awesome Norwegian happily ever after with her fiancé Thomas. We had a couple of goodbye dinners/lunches/and whatnot for her and it was nice to see family and meet her friends as we came together to bid her adieu. At least now we have a new country to visit and hopefully a place to stay. I'm so excited for her but i"ll also miss her terribly.

Of course, I somehow was able to meet up with more Ex-officemates, this time of the Summit variety. We had our monthly #kaladkarin dinner and though I was late and stressed (and very frustrated), these girls know just the right way to cheer me up. Plus, I saw Pamda and Jin (after forever) and Risa after two weeks of being apart and it felt glorious. I swear these girls all used to be my seat mates at work and now I"m the only one left.

I'm kind of proud of myself because I was able to meet up with all my other friends this month -- some planned, others not. I spur of the moment met up with college org mates whom I haven't seen in forever. Having milk tea was nice and I do miss them. Some of them are engaged now, others in relationships and just so many things I've missed along the way.

I set up dinner with Ana from college and it was such a productive dinner for us. It seems like we're all in the same place right now -- evaluating life and all. Plus, I got to see my old ABS-CBN Interactive Officemates whom I also haven't seen in lightyears. Tasha and Nannah and Abbey were always such awesome advice-givers without them knowing. It was nice to catch up with everyone.

Office life is still the same. I had a sort-of event with another magazine and I'm glad it went by okay. I didn't really have a big hand in it as Tiff did most of the heavy lifting, so I'm super grateful to her for that, but it was nice to be exposed to that kind of thing -- something us digital kids don't really get to do. We spent the whole holiday at the mall and it was fun in a 'I-never-do-this-kind-of-thing-way.'

Lots of presentations too and late nights in the office, but despite all the negative, like I mentioned, there's always some positive somewhere and i'm really thankful for my job and the many colourful people I meet while I'm at it. My company is full of characters and they're all quite entertaining.

It wouldn't be a complete post if I didn't mention the Candy girls somehow. We all dressed up in pink (without talking to each other) for the 10th Anniversary of Mean girls (which apparently is also my 10th year LJ anniversary) and had dinner to say 'see you later' to my boss Koko and our favourite girl, Blanche as they embark on their South American Adventure. And of course we did a mini-reunion with Teeff and Bianca to wish Bianca a belated birthday and an awesome wedded life in June.

And so, we conclude another month, this time one down from the second quarter. And still the hottest month of 2014 to date. I think we reached 35 degrees Celsius at times and they say it'll reach 40. I don't want summer to end but I do want this crazy heat to stop. Someone give us some cool air and a breeze now and then. It won't hurt, right?

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