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It Grows Back Anyway

I woke up on Saturday sweating profusely and just really feeling sticky. It's summer and I felt it through and through. We've had such nice weather recently and now that summer has finally really sunk in, I thought why the hell not? let's just chop it all off!

And it's not like i haven't had short hair my ENTIRE life before I started working at Summit. That means every year from 1987 till 2010, I've had short hair -- or at least for most my life. But ever since I tried growing it out, i couldn't imagine cutting it all off again. Well, it's that hot. And like I said, it grows back anyway.

I met up with Koko and Teeff so we could head to Star Talk and have Teeff meet Heart Evangelista and these two girls are super close to me and have never seen me with hair above my neck so it was quite the shock for them. They were also the first people I saw after I cut it and it was nice to see they gave me good feedback on it.

Apparently, I need to maintain this hair cut though. The biggest difference between my short hair then and now is that then I didn't have the money to have monthly haircuts and I was too lazy or didn't care. But now, I guess I'mw way too vain and I want this to continue to look good so it looks like I'll be dropping by the salon every month or so. And while I'm at it, might as well get a manicure and pedicure, too.

I'm still not used to not taking forever to take a bath again and to not having to comb things and I know my cheeks are all puffy now and there's so much of my neck to see but it's nice to not have my hair sticking to my neck the entire time and to not have anything to really care about.
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