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March Madness at the Movies: Marshmallows, Initiates and Avengers!

Despite March being so freaking long, it was a pretty awesome month in terms of movie releases and I'm happy to have caught up with a lot of them. And after a long time, I feel like fingerling all over again over these movies. Seriously. One after the other, Veronica Mars, Divergent and Captain America: The Winter Soldier all came out within days of each other leaving me with many fangirl feelings that I wasn't sure what to do with.

Though obviously, this post will dwell mostly on my current Divergent obsession, i thought I might as well give some time and space to the other two movies that shaped my March 2014 and made it go by way faster than it felt. I swear, this is the month that will never end.

Veronica Mars: So I have to admit, I wasn't one of the true blue VMARS fangirls but I did catch a couple of the episodes and because of LJ, I felt like I was already fangirling with everyone else over LoVe. So when the movie got released, I totally had to get my hands on a copy and see it just because all the anticipation for the reunion and the Kickstarter just got me really psyched.

And I'm so glad I did because it was fantastic. Obviously, LoVe owns me and Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell have amazing chemistry. It was nice to see the entire cast back together (especially Keith Mars) and though it's sad that Carrie Bishop's real life lady (Leighton Meester) didn't join the cast, it was just so surreal -- really like a high school reunion -- to see them all back together.

I could go on and on about this, because any scene with LoVe just had me squealing and all the lines they had: "Come back to me?" "Always" kills me, we all know I'm not here to rave about VMARS, which was really quite fulfilling as a fangirl. I can only imagine how it was for everyone that really followed it through and through. I'm rewatching the seasons now and it's nice to see how much I don't remember/missed back then so this should be a fun couple of months.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: This will be painful to admit but I was falling asleep during the FIRST movie so I wasn't too hot about this next one, but today, at work, I got an impulse invitation to watch so I thought, why not? Chris Evans is so awesome on the eyes, it can't be too bad a follow-up.

And true enough, it was not! It was so good. I caught the movie after a couple of screenings of Divergent these east few days and as much as I enjoyed Divergent, you can tell when they pour money into a movie and they flooded this one with cash. It was explosions everywhere and lots of things banging into each other and really hi-tech CGI and just a lot of money that never stopped. There was no breathing room for silence or stillness. It was just money shots one after the other.

Which really, made it tiring but exhilarating to watch. plus it was funny, too. I like that they didn't force the Steve/Natalia thing and instead very slightly hinted at some possible romance with the queen of Revenge herself. nevertheless, it was a really fun watch and I'm happy I came along with the girls.

Divergent (aka: my current obsession that will probably be trumped -- probably, or not -- when The Fault in our Stars comes out) WAS FANTASTIC. I read the book when it came and it was the first book I read on my Kindle and I really enjoyed it. But with all the YA books getting turned into movies (and not all of them working out), but this one, i'm glad was translated really well from the books to the movies. Sure, somet things got left out or added in but I thought it was one of the most awesome adaptations I've seen. Then again, I am easy to please.

Shailene was so beautiful in this. I'm seriously girl crushing because girl is so attractive and lovely to watch. I think I've seen most of what she's been in except for the really obscure ones (and most of her tv show), but she made me want to see everything she's done. And Theo, my goodness, I don't know how to stop typing 'he's so hot' because he is and his smoulder at the camera was just wow. My little sister and I kept tapping each other, and shaking our heads in disbelief at how handsome he looked.

And their chemistry! You can't fake this shit. I always say that I like this movie because it falls in the middle of the Twilight-The Hunger Games spectrum because it has enough cheese (Twilight) and enough action (The Hunger Games) but it would really be unfair to compare it to both. I really really really enjoyed it and right now, I'm on a little ShEo kick YouTube-ing all their interviews and re-blogging their cute gifs on Tumblr (so sorry for the repetitive hearts and reblogs) because this is literally all I'm ever thinking about.

It feels tiring to fangirl this hard again but also very very nice to fangirl again. It's been a really long time since I obsessed over a fandom (The West Wing not withstanding) but it feels good to not think about work and the stress and the negativity going on right now. And so I leave you with some YouTube videos of Theo and Shailene on their promo tour for Divergent being all cute together. Yes, I ship it. I said it.

I have not obsessively gone through every single YouTube video out there, but I love interviews with game components in them just because they come out less PR-y and more friendly and the both of them saying YES to dating (obviously not each other but a shipper can dream) was adorable.

Obviously, I don't need to say more than Theo can wrap! Shailene can tell jokes -- corny ones but cute. My goodness, these two are both adorkable. They're just having fun with these interviews and they know when to not take it seriously. I love it.

Moviefone is always the bestest. And though Miles Teller is someone I have to get used to, Theo and Shai were adorable. Some choice quotes I loved.
T: “And she’s a babe, right?”
S: “Werewolf like?” T: "In what context?"
S: "His back is one sexy back."
You can tell they have chemistry and get along really well and just really play off each other and if they're faking it in these interviews then so be it but I'm officially sold.
T: "RANDOM SECRET TALENT!" S: "That you can share!" Then Theo mentions her cooking. S: "That’s a lie, you hate my cooking!"
S: "You’re still so buff though! Banging arms!"
Though Miles's character is annoying in the movie, he was pretty good foil in this video. MOviefone forever.

Another game! And it's nice to see how girls are just so much more observant than boys. Theo, is a boy and sucks at this game but Shailene totally aces it. I love how these seemingly shallow silly questions give us hilarious answers. Girls have better memories or boys just don't care.

Shailene didn't want to practice kissing. You know there's a shipper dying in there somewhere and just creating fanfic there. So let me have it.

And this girl said it best, "I'm looking at this (the EW cover), and I want you together in real life". Oh, the host is a shipper, too. We understand. It's okay. You are but human and feel the way we do. I love how they didn't react at all.</center>

SO the most important question is... Where can I find icons AND fanfic for these? Priority goes to Shailene/Theo and the entire Divergent franchise because I don't know if anyone still does icons or write fanfic, much more of this fandom but I'm desperate and would love some, pretty please.

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