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Currently: Needing that Extra Push To Go On

Loving: How the first quarter just flew by like that. I talk about it all the time, but time flies crazy fast and for some reason, this first quarter was both fast and yet totally so action-packed. I don't know how I'm surviving all of this but I'm taking it day by day and I'll be loving it when we count down the last days of the next quarter. 90 days more? Come quickly, please.

Reading: I'm in the middle of Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Book Store and I'm liking the love story and the books and the Google references and I'm kind of wanting to visit bookstores again. Sure, I read everything on the Kindle now, but this book is making me want to look up my old favourites.

Watching: A lot of Veronica Mars. With the movie being released and me trying to slow down my The West Wing re-watch, it's pretty good to vary my marathoning. I love Keith Mars forever and I'm excited to see LoVe form again. I'm really sad that my The West Wing episodes are dwindling. I can't believe I have less than 2 seasons left.

Anticipating: I'm really excited for Divergent and Veronica Mars and just all the lovely shipping to come back into my life. I think I'm missing a big load of shipping and when Logan/Veronica come back and Theo/Shai Four/Tris return to me, I think I'll feel a lot more positive about everything.

Listening to: A lot of Ellie Goulding. I'm really bummed the Taylor Swift concert got sold out in four hours, so I'm trying to listen to anyone but Taylor. And Ellie's going to be in the Divergent soundtrack, too so it'll be fun to get in the mood and just get out of my Swift-world.

Planning: a mega sleep-over and catch-up with my cousin, Nikki, who just got her fiancé papers for Norway! I can't believe it came so fast, but I'm really excited for her. Looks like we'll need to do our sleep over and Jane Austen marathon stat. It'll be quite some time until I see her again -- in Norway, hopefully! Now here's to more money to fly all the way there.

Working on: Becoming more efficient at work and just having more motivation for everything. My office mate, Risa just resigned and it's been a couple tough days without her. Who knew I was so clingy and dependent on her presence beside me in the office? I didn't think so, that's for sure.

Wishing: That summer won't be too hot but would come already. It's supposed to reach 40 degrees celsius at its hottest moments and I'm a little scared for that head, so I'm wishing it doesn't get too sweltering during the summer. At the same time, I wish for time off to kick back and relax. I just want it.

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