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12 of 12: When I take photos of people's desks

The Rules
  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    01. 7:16 am, Holy Spirit Drive

    It's difficult to get to work when I'm not on carpool duty or when the carpool kids are late, so I'm glad I was able to wake up early enough to hitch with Jill. Splitting a cab makes all the difference, really.

    02. 7:32 am, Commonwealth Avenue

    It's summer already, I can feel it and the sun is now out all the time and quite harsh. I really wish the cool breeze would come back to us already, but apparently the heat is expected to go up to 40 degrees. I'm not excited.

    03. 1:05 pm, my cube

    I have a pretty cute notebook courtesy of an officemate and though it doesn't have any lines in it, it's still a pretty cute notebook to have. Oh the many notes I haven't read that I'm writing in here.

    04. 1:07 pm, my cube

    My Tintin calendar is back in business and it's another cute addition to my Tintin collection of prettiness. I dream of completing the books from the Tintin store. If only I had enough baggage allowance to bring it with me.

    05. 5:26 pm, Marla's cube

    I went around to people's desks to take photos and Marla's desk was quite interesting because of our 'bitch jar.' Whenever we think we're going to say something bitchy, we donate to the jar. We're getting pretty rich.

    06. 5:28 pm, Stephie's cube

    Stephie's desk has a lot of proofs on it and her super cute phone case. It's quite interesting to see all the magazine pages come to life from the words to the layout to the proofs they have to sign off on.

    07. 5:30 pm, Dyan's cube

    Dyan's desk has tv-geekery paraphernalia, fitting to her position and I'm seriously considering stealing the Doctor Who lunchbox. Or the other stuff on her desk. I want to really bad.

    08. 5:32 pm, Macy's cube

    Macy's desk is the cutest with all the 1D stuff on it, especially this really cute desk calendar that I wish I had on my desk. It's only available in the US so it looks like I'll need to get my brother to send me one next year.

    09. 5:34 pm, Risa's cube

    Risa's desk is paper-filled with lots of quotes and notes but her My Little Pony phone case is the ultimate piece and it's very Risa to own one. I'm going to miss having her as my seatmate when she resigns.

    10. 5:39 pm, Nikki's cube

    Nikki's desk comes baring gifts. A box of cupcakes that I happened to sample after late lunch was pretty good. The mocha flavored one was awesome and i wish i could try the other two flavors, too. But i must behave.

    11. 7:07 pm, our aisle

    Koko decided to show me how bad she was that she had followed my Christmas gift. It tells her to do something bad every day and apparently, this one was a piece of cake for her. Not bad, my bad girl protege.

    12. 10:40 am, MRT

    And it's time to go home. The all-girls train cab here we come. I can't believe there are still this many commuters at this time of night. When will it be easier to commute? I dont know when.

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