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Best of: February 2014

February is my birthday month and so many awesome things happened in the shortest month of the year. I started the month with the latter part of my trip to Batanes and almost ended it with a trip to Singapore. Both of which with photos to follow just because I'm a little behind on my photos from previous trips, but I promise to get around to both sometime soon.

All in all, it was a short but awesome month with lots of friends and family and presents. I really wish February had more months, but I'll take what I can get.
Despite the craziness of work, we always somehow find ourselves in somehow matching outfits. As silly as it sounds, it's always a nice thing to realise there's some theme going through all of us. With how stressful work can get, stupid things like this always make me smile.

I've also made it a point to try to match my little sister, Paola. She always dresses so cute for school and by the time I wake up for work, she's already dressed for school. So to save time and not think about what I have to wear, I just base my outfit on hers. It's pretty awesome to see how many similar pieces we have.

I attended a wedding with my mom at the beginning of the month and with all the weight I've gained, I realised I can't fit into any of my wedding-appropriate dresses anymore. And so I started to seriously do the Nike Training Club. I tried a four week problem and though I'm that religious, it's still some sort of activity.

My dad's brother, Tito Mark came over too and it was fun to see him. This is my uncle that seriously knows all the answers to Trivial Pursuit. I have yet to visit him in Bangkok but it looks like I'll have to this year. I miss his wife, Tita Ruby who's also my godmother.

And because it's my birthday month, i got to meet up with a lot of friends. It was nice to see the #kaladkarin group even if half of us aren't in the company anymore and go out for drinks after a pretty crazy week. Plus it was nice to see Blanche for her birthday. I need to see more friends now.

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