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If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.

I don't get to fangirl about my love for Austen enough and I thought I might as well do so on my favourite month. Though everyone's a big fan of Pride and Prejudice and I am, too. I have to say that Emma is one of my all-time favourites. Lucky for all of us, there have been quite a lot of Emma-nods everywhere, that I won't ever run out of odes to dear Emma.

Fancy (2014)

I'll admit I've only heard of Iggy Azalea but i haven't heard any of her music. But I heard officemate's talking about this video recreating the ENTIRE Clueless movie minus the Josh-storyline and I knew I had to see it. It's technically an ode-to-an-ode which makes practically an Emma-Inception. I love it. It's so exact and precise in it's set design and costumes and to make it fit in the span of just a song? Brilliant.

Emma Approved (2013)

I'm so happy that the The Lizzie Bennett Diaries team is trying their luck with Emma Approved. is finally back from its self-proclaimed hiatus and though it was off to a slow start, I'm actually really liking the series. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Knightley is so darn adorable and even Elton wasn't quite as revolting.

Emma (2009)

This is possibly my most favourite adaptation and it's so eerie now to see Johnny Lee Miller (aka CBS's version of Sherlock) bring Mr. Knightley to life because this was four hours of pure bliss. I can literally spend afternoons just watching and rewatching this. I think I might just again.

Clueless (1995)

Nothing beats the Alicia Silverstone starring movie -- in spite of how terrible this trailer apparently is -- because this was my first introduction to Austen without me even knowing it in Grade 2. it feels like a lifetime ago and this obviously requires a rematch. I'll most definitely get the jokes now. But all I remember is wanting my own Josh. oh Paul Rudd, you haven't aged a bit.

Emma (1996)

I haven't seen any of the other TV movies but this one with Kate Beckinsale looks quite interesting. She looks super young and the quality looks very 90s but this still looks pretty good. Now if I can only find a good copy somewhere.

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