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Currently: Navigating Adult-World Problems


Loving: My birthday month. February may be the shortest month of the year but it was surely jam-packed with awesome starting with the Batanes trip with my cousin's friends, to my birthday week, to my Singafun sojourn to visit siblings. I really do love February.

Reading: The Age of Miracles which has been on my cue for forever. I'm actually really liking it and thought it would be a difficult read but I'm glad to realise it's not too bad and I'm just scared with how it's all going to end given the really interesting premise.

Watching: Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyer's new tonight and late night shows. I'm so happy for the both of them given how awesome they've been on SNL but it's really fun to watch them daily now and see how they're changing the usual assumptions about late night though they still follow the pattern. I'm liking it.

Anticipating: The heat of summer. So far, the weather has been on and off hot and cold and right now, we're going through a cold spell and I"m liking it. But the heat will be brutal, I know it, so I'm hoping it doesn't become to terrible. I couldn't bear it.

Listening to: Obviously the National for concert-preparation reasons (and I have to say, the concert was fantastic!!!) but I also ended up listening to some Bruno Mars, thanks to the Superbowl and anything Spotify now recommends. I'm really quite easy.

Planning: getting better at managing my work and my life. I know I keep saying it but I really don't want it to take over my life all the time. My job has been pretty much my life and I really don't want to continue down this kind of path. I hope I get to work on balancing it out soon.

Working on: Cancelling my credit card and contesting a fraudulent entry. I was shocked to see my bill and saw that there was some sketchy activity on it. I'm pretty careful about what I do with my card and it's really sad to know that I had to cancel it. I'm going to have to learn to trust it again.

Wishing: working out wasn't too difficult. I've been doing the N+TC program and though I won't do it necessarily on the day I'm supposed to, I still do it, so it frustrates me that it doesn't count as part of the program. oh well, next month perhaps?

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