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11 of 11: When I cheat since it's my birthday

The Rules
  • Take 12 11 photos on the 12th 11th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    01. 9:29 am, my desk

    I know I posted a voice post here, but I'm not keen on shouting it's my birthday in the real world aka my office. So when I arrived to coffee and cookies on my desk from Kriska and Ro, I knew it was going to be a good day ahead.

    02. 12:56 pm, Pancake House, Greenfield

    I've never seen so many Y's on my name. The Candy girls were sweet to get me two entire boxes of doughnuts (my favourite!) and have it spell out a greeting. I swear, these girls are the best.

    03. 3:28 pm, Row 5

    It seems to be an office hobby to show up in match-y outfits unintentionally and today's participants were Koko and Owen. I love the outfits, just to put it out there.

    04. 4:49 pm, my office desk

    Dianne, is quite possibly the sweetest AE there is. She came by my desk quietly and dropped off goodies from all of our clients with projects we're working on. Funny reminder but sweet, still.

    05. 5:25 pm, my office desk

    I think it's worth noting that my cup of coffee had a really cute message written on top of it. I somehow still had some of the coffee by the afternoon so it was always a nice treat to see it.

    06. 5:26 pm, my office desk

    Miss Whilmz had so much love on her that I had to take her photo with the box of doughnuts. It pays to have your birthday near Valentines, there are so many special promos with love on them.

    07. and 08. 7:46 pm, Kimpura

    Kimpura is quite possibly one of my most favourite Japanese restaurants and I think I've celebrated here for four years in a row (not counting those I celebrated when I was a kid). Tempura and Japanese rice wins any day. Also, it was nice to have my brother's girlfriend, Janina come along, too.

    09. 8:14 pm, Kimpura

    And yes, I still like to boow out my candles. Though I'd love to have all 27 candles on the cake, I'll settle for one each. The cake blowing, I have to say is a mandatory.

    10. and 11. 10:32 pm, my bedroom

    As materialistic as it sounds, I do love receiving gifts on my birthday and this year, everyone went crazy. From the heartfelt notes to the books and goodies everyone gave me, I felt so grateful and awesome to be quite loved.

    Thanks to everyone who sent me their well-wishes whether through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or over here or on What's App or wherever else. Thank you so much for making my birthday A+. I appreciate it mucho.

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