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Best of: January 2014

In an attempt to try to document the things that matter (and stay positive this year), I'm not going to be recapping every single day, just because I realised my days aren't as exciting as I'd like them to be. Instead, I'll share the 'highlights' of my month -- though warning, they're not that exciting either.

January was both utterly long and yet so fast. I can't believe I crammed that many activities into the weekdays and somehow, did more than just lie around all day on weekends. This can't be how the rest of the year will be, right?

Work has naturally been stressful but I also said hello to new responsibilities. I took on more work (new work) which is exciting but also very very daunting. After three years in the company, it's weird to feel like a newbie again. But weird in a good way. It feels both frustrating and awesome to feel stupid at not knowing how to do things. But I've got lots of help, and it's something new.

The reason for this is we said goodbye to my teammate Teeff who's off to follow her yoga-dreams. I miss her terribly every day not only because of work but because she was such a ball of sunshine. I strive to be as positive and driven and as 'leaned-in' as her everyday. Still, with goodbyes come hellos and it's good to get to know more new officemates who crack me up all the time. Owen and Dave are two folks I barely get to interact with, but I'm going to make an effort to do more so now because they're hilarious and awesome.

In things that don't change, we still match in the office. Unintentionally. All the time.

Pamy was here for a bit after the New Year and that was fun, but having Pietro stay all the way till the end of January was even better. If he's homesick in the US, I'm missing him a lot here. Sure, we didn't talk as much as I'd like to, but knowing he was here, at home, with us, was different and nice and felt like old times. I feel weird being all sentimental, but I do miss my siblings and I guess I'm clingy that way.

And though I had to say goodbye see you later to Pietro again, we said hello to brand new members of the family, too. My uncle got remarried and we trekked to Dagupan (all the way up north) via a 6-hour car ride and spent most of the day getting lost, but it was fun because we haven't done a long family car ride in an eternity. The wedding was simple and it was nice to get dressed up and see family.

But we also met my cousin, Jeannie's boyfriend, Toby and got to hang out more with my other cousin, Nikki's fiancé, Thomas and it's both nice to expand the family but also a little "wow-we're-old" kind of feeling. I can't help but reminisce summers when we'd all sleep over at my grandma's house and play and fight. And now, we're introdcuing boyfriends and girlfriends to each other.

And everything else in between was pretty fun, too. I finally saw Kim after months of dodging each other for being too busy. Dinner at the Japanese restaurant was yummy and also makes me want to resolve to see her more than just once or twice a year. I also bought new glasses with my little sister and aunt and felt silly stuffing myself into a box in the office. I didn't get to exercise at all this month, so at least I can still contort myself into a box, though it was a big box.

I hung out with Risa and Roana on a weekend at night! Which is something I don't usually do but you realise there are special cases that calls for dragging yourself out of bed to hang with friends with. And the weather was really good in January that I didn't mind getting out of bed and into the cold air. Then of course, there was Parker's birthday party and my eyes are now opened to how crazy first birthdays are. They really are mini-debuts.

Of course, there was Batanes, too and I didn't forget that, but that deserves a post of its own and in time, I'll get around to sorting all my photos. Until then, I hope everyone's February is a good one.

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