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Currently: Chilling in the unusually cool weather


Loving: The awesome cold weather. It's been so cold, I've been wearing pyjamas to bed, with sweaters and blankets and the electric fan isn't even on. Plus, it's so hard to get up in the morning now -- much harder than before. You know that's a sign.

Reading: I'm trying my best to hit my goal this year (25) or double it (50) but I'll take it a book at a time. I just finished Looking for Alaska -- I know, just now? Yes, just now. And it was A+ John Green really has a thing for lead female characters with a lot of quirks and atypical first names.

Watching: Sherlock is back and though I've been very happy with how it's all turning out, you can tell that Moffat and Gatis went all fan service on everyone and really just gave every fangirl and fanboy what they wanted. Not that it isn't perfect, but I'm raring for them to get back to their finer form when they were just self-serving and awesome.

Anticipating: My Batanes getaway with my sister and cousin for the Chinese New Year. I can't believe I'm taking a leave so early in the year, but it looks like this is what's going to be my life this year. It's been a couple days since I took on a bigger role at work and I'm already so very tired. I'm excited

Listening to: Thanks to the joy that is Spotify, I am now enjoying Maria Mena and Justin Nozuka. It's a little crazy how these online streaming things work and wish they'd work everywhere forever. But for now, I'm totally liking having all of this at my fingertips.

Planning: To really do get a workout in this month. I told myself I'd do it weekly but with my getting sick during the first week of January, then getting really stressed and tired from work on the second week, this third week has zero excuses. Like really. I have to do it or I won't.

Working on: Learning all these print things I don't quite understand. Which is really frustrating cause there's so much to learn and only very little time to do it. I feel very helpless not knowing things right away but I get that it's going to take a lot of time. So that's learning patience for me, too.

Wishing: That everyone just got along. I don't want to meddle in anyone's business and I wish people would just mind their own shit. I get some life decisions need aiding but in the end, isn't it just up to the person who's living their life? I hate it when things are tense and I just wish everyone lets everyone be. Sad times.

Tags: employment, weather and calamities
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