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Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow

Happy new year everyone! i was giving myself internal goals for 2014 and I'm already breaking them 8 days into the New Year. So I guess, this year, I'm all about doing things today. Not procrastinating. Whether it's updating this LJ or exercising or fixing my room or getting a life, no day like today.

Thanks to generators like this, I'm on my way to 10 crazy goals for 2013. I don't want it to be negative, but hitting at least one of these will be great already.

I will replace soda with water
I don't drink Coca-Cola but I drink everything else and I think my water consumption really gets bogged down because of this. I'll try to cut down on soda consumption or any other beverage and try to fall in love with water more this year.

I will do yoga once a week.
I know it's difficult to do NTC and to sit on the bike but I tried yoga twice and I really liked it. I should be better at this. I really do want to lose 1 pound per month and maintain the loss so I'll be 12 pounds lighter by the end of the year, but I'll settle for yoga.

I will learn a second language.
Technically, I speak two already but one is Filipino and one is English. I really want to relearn Spanish and really get to at least understand a bit. I know they talk fast and all I can do is conjugate so I want to learn conversational Spanish once again.

I will learn to give constructive criticism.
I've never had 'subordinates' at work. Only team mates and I feel like I'm not the most efficient manager at all. This year, I really do want to learn to deal with people I manage better. Without letting anything else get in the way other than the work itself but also to be motivating the way others have motivated me.

I will learn to knit.
I keep telling myself I'll learn and I never get to. I can crochet but knitting looks like fun and it's a whole new skill. And I really want to knit a scarf or an iPad case or something for my sister who keeps giving me thread from pretty stores.

I will declutter my room
Right now. Not tomorrow, not next week or when I'm more free. When I see something out of place, put it back -- properly. Before it all piles up and I get more daunted to put things away. And throw things away if you haven't used it in a year. You may regret it but you'll be lighter.

I will stop comparing myself to others.
This is really for everything but more so in relationships. A lot of my friends are getting hitched or taken and I know it'll happen for me but I keep comparing myself to them and know that our timelines and plans will be different so I should just stop.

I will plan more day trips
Says the perennial home body but let's try, right? Here's to more day trips, whether it's just in the city or out of the city but the point is to get out of the house away or really from my bed. There is a great outdoors even if you're more of a great indoors kind of gal.

I will disconnect from technology every once in a while.
Hard to do, but turn off the 3G when you're out of the house and close the wifi when you're inside. Read a book without Wiki-ing something every other chapter and knit or talk to your siblings or your parents in person or cook or do your nails or your eyebrows.

I will be thankful for what I have.
I should. There's so much to be thankful for and there's so much awesome out there. And in the end, this life can be pretty awesome if we just looked around. So let's be thankful for it. Every single day. Every single moment. Even the bad ones. Life's too short for negativity, really.

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