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So Long, 2013!


"What more did he want?...Love. Purpose. Those are the things that you can't plan for. Those are the things that just happen. And what if they don't happen? Do you spend your whole life pining for them? Waiting to be happy?" -- Attachments


I didn't reach my original goal of 50 books this year, and I don't think I really get to enjoy the books as much with the number dangling over my head, so I'm going to readjust next year to a lower goal. Still, I read some pretty cute books this year and can't wait to read more.


I am very behind on all the Oscar-buzzy movies for 2014 so I'll leave the first two months of next year to catch up on all of them before the Oscars roll around but this year was great for film for Jennifer Lawrence and I feel like next year we'll see a lot of Shailene Woodley. I'm not complaining about either. Plus local cinema was pretty fantastic and I'm hoping to see more local films.


Awesome year for music, too. I went to quite a few concerts and music festivals and can't wait to see more live acts in 2014. My goal is to really see all the Top Artists on my account live. I hope more of them come out with new music next year. I'm looking at you, Justin Timberlake. 2013 was your year, make 2014 ours.


The big reason why I wash't able to read too much this year was because there were so many shows -- even during the summer months. I'm so excited for these to return next season and even my existing shows were all being amazing. It's hard to tear myself away from the TV now.

The West Wing

Then during the last part of the year, I watched an episode of Bones and saw Toby Zigler was in it! And this brought me on an entire nostalgia ride through The West Wing. And basically, I'm obsessed. If only I didn't have to go back to work in 2014, you know I'd be marathoning the rest of the seasons.

Real Life


Starting the year right, I get out of the city with the Candy girls and Blanche to head to the beach! I could tell 2013 was going to be a different year with that alone.


I helped some officemates out with a shoot they needed a 'model' for and it was a fun and weird experience and a great way to ring in my 26th year for sure. Plus, I saw Stars live. You can't compete with that.


When your boss tells you you're going to New York for a conference, you pack your bags and go. I haven' been to the Big Apple since 2005 so it was great to be back.


My second brother Pietro graduated from college and he makes me so proud. This month, I also went on my first trip with my good friend, Lee-Ann to Hong Kong. We are definitely going back.


Pio and I are abandoned for the summer and Pietro packs his bags to migrate to the US and I'm a sad girl. Thank goodness for Jason Mraz and Temper Trap and company at Wanderland because I was seriously missing my family.


There's something to be said about meeting your childhood crush and him looking exactly the same way as you remembered him from TV -- albeit with a little more weight. There is a reason I consider myself a fangirl, I was crushing so hard.


Seeing my siblings in the middle of the year is always a good idea. Traveling with my parents? Perhaps I haven't been in practice in a long time. Still it was a good time for all. I really enjoyed.


It's planning season and the start plan took over my life. I literally spent weekends working on this and I don't know if I did it right, but i was just glad to have gotten over that and survived it. I don't wish this on anyone.


I don't plan the Candy Fair but it was a pretty overwhelming experience as much as I was participating in it. I see why so many girls love the brand and why it's so fun to work with the Candy girls day on day. They really are love.


Spending time with new friends and going out with old ones, I love that I've totally gotten a whole new circle of friends this year. Plus having my siblings back home


I never thought I'd be a beach person but Baler pretty much changed my mind. From the great resort to the surfing to the food, it was all very POV-changing. Then there was calligraphy and a crazy night out. Look at me expanding my horizons.


Hello end of the year and having my family sort of come together and sort of become complete. I'm sad my brother PB wasn't able to come home but at least Pietro was there and Pamy, too. Plus my youngest sister turned 18. Paola isn't a baby anymore.

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