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Currently: Savouring every bit of the holidays

Currently: December

Loving: My new laptop. My dad gave me the new gadget their anaesthesia group gets every year and this year, it's a laptop. Not just any laptop, but a Macbook Air, which I've been sort of saving up for. I'm not used to having my own laptop anymore and I can't wait to really get to use it. Right now, I'm still in disbelief that I even have one.

Reading: I opened my gifts and I got a couple of books from friends. Jill gave me The Book of Awesome and Risa gave me The Art of Seduction. My friends are both awesome and hilarious. I can't wait to read what they're all about. Also, I'm sad that I had to lower my target books for this year. I blame excessive tv watching.

Watching: I'm very obsessed with The West Wing. After seeing Toby on Bones, I decided to do a major re-watch and I'm not regretting it at all. I love the characters (Leo and Charlie are adorable) and all the ships (Leo/Jed, Donna/Josh, Jed/Abby, Charlie/Zoey, Josh/Sam, CJ/Danny) and I just can't get over how very Sorkin this show is. I got sad when I realised Leo dies in real life near the end and that Sorkin and Seaborn leave after season 4. I'm in season 3 right now and I'm just in love.

Also, it makes me sad that this is genrocks's last Filmography 2013 because honestly this is my favourite year-ender. I wish i had her mad skills. Still, hats off, Gen. Another awesome year in film encapsulated in 7 minutes.

Anticipating: The new year. 2013 has been pretty cray cray and I'm so excited to see what 2014 has to offer me. If the horoscopes are to be trusted, 2014 should be pretty epic but I know it's really up to me to make it happen. I'm both nervous and terribly excited. One week to go.

Listening to: What could possibly be my top 10 albums of 2013. My brother, Lex asked us to list them down. It's hard to rank them, I think. I have to really figure out which ones stood out for me this year, but I promise to share my list when I finish with it. I'm listening to more holiday music than anything, really.

Planning: My holiday days off and how I'm going to spend them. I took 26 and 27 off and with the 30th till the 1st holidays as well, I am up for a pretty long and awesome weekend and I don't want to waste any moment. Sure, I was sleeping most of the 24th, but pre-game is what it is.

Working on: My year-ender list. I haven't done anything for it and I'm usually halfway done by this time, so I'm a little scared. I'm excited though to see how much I did or didn't do this year and though I've been perennially catching up on LJ, I think I still got to do some stuff. So this should be fun.

Wishing: My brother PB were home for the holidays. last night, as my entire family (cousins and fiancees and all) gathered to have 2 dinners and open gifts, I really missed my brother. I'm glad Pietro was able to come home. I was more scared that he wouldn't, so it was a nice surprise that he did come. Sure, we got to Skype with PB and his girlfriend, Ashna, but it's still different to have everyone around. Perhaps next year.

Wishing everyone a really happy Christmas and a great holiday up ahead. I'm so happy to be on LJ still, despite the emptiness sometimes, but I'm glad and thankful for each and every one of my LJ friends. Really. I hope everyone has a great Christmas.

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