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What's Up: November 2013

Yes, we're down to just one month left in 2013. It's really been a crazy fast and also excruciatingly slow year. I don't know if it's just a sign of ageing, but the days are going by really quickly even if the amount of things happening in one day seem to be increasing.

Still, I'm trying my best to live each day like days weren't a luxury but a privilege. It's been pretty rough this month with so many things cropping up at the same time, but I'm trying my best to stay positive. Try being the operative word.

  • The holiday is the day for the dead so we traveled to my grandmas house to visit our grandpas and relatives and hang out. We ended up bonding with our youngest cousin, Alexa who is just a little sponge for information. Babies are like that, I guess. She's adorable.
  • Wow there are lazy days and then there was today. Wow. Paola and I literally didn't get up from bed. Except to eat and drink. Then we'd go back and lay down.
  • Last day of the not long enough weekend and it wasn't too bad. I wish it were longer of course but my weekend was well spent. I'm really enjoying my new shows and my new scheme for catching up on TV. Now if only I can catch up on my reading as well.
  • For some reason, we decided to go grab Yabu for dinner and it was the best decision ever. The November girls (Or some of them, Macy and Dyan) had a grand time eating fried food.
    Plus, I received the sweetest present ever from Teeff from her HK sojourn over the long weekend – cat ears! I'm not a cat person at all but Taylor Swift's 22 video changed my feelings about cat ears.
  • There are good carpool days and then there are better ones. I'm so glad I got together with Bea, Roana and Jill. They're such awesome additions to my work life. Traffic goes by better with them. I can't wait till the holidays but I'm also dreading all the traffic that'll go with it. As if it wasn't traffic enough.
  • I was supposed to Have dinner with former officemates but it ended up getting postponed. Too bad though because I actually really miss them. I'm glad I was able to have impromptu dinner with the Candy girls though. Brasas in the middle of the week is always a good idea.
  • Teeff is quite possibly the sweetest person ever. On my way to work, I get a text asking what time I'd be arriving (i was near already) and when I get to my desk, there's a cup of coffee ready on my desk.
  • I'm so glad Brei is back! She's been gone far too long and it was nice to have lunch with her and Teeff and Risa. These girls are my sanity in the middle of all the work craziness. I got invited to have drinks after work with friends but I was so paranoid about the storm that I left work a little early. That was nice despite the impending weather.
  • My dad had the sudden urge to go out so we ended up trooping to Rockwell. I haven't been to this mall in forever but it's always so pretty during the holidays. I also finally got to finish the second Thor movie and it was actually pretty awesome. I'm a huge Jane/Thor shipper. Adorable, I swear.
  • The weekend was way too short. I'm glad the city was spared from the typhoon but the rest of Visayas was devastated. It's terrible how much disaster the country has gone through this year. I know that we're getting aid from other countries so I'm trying to be hopeful that the government utilizes it properly.
  • I couldn't wait for work to finish because I was going to a craft class at night. Macy invited all the Candy girls to a night of calligraphy and lettering. And though I completely suck at the former, I know in time (and with practice), I won't suck so bad. Plus the food was amazing.
  • It's been a while since I stayed late at the office and I guess I'm just glad I still have some drive in me to do things so it was actually a welcome OT. What's nice was I actually tried to do some sort of physical activity today. I redownloaded the Nike Training Club app and actually did 1 work out. Sure it was 15 minutes but that's still 15 minutes I don't usually do.
  • I woke up with a terrible feeling in my body. I wasn't feeling good and I don't know if it was because of the physical activity I did the day before. But still. I'm glad I was able to take the day off though. At least there weren't any meetings to be had.
  • I was looking forward to dinner out with the #kaladkarin girls all day. Even if I still felt dizzy and woozy the whole morning – through 2 meetings and whatnot, I'm glad i Made it to dinner alive. These girls are always so fun to hang with and talk to. It's such a break from the crazy work week. I'm hoping we still get to do this as we slowly wither away one by one.
  • Half my day was spent at a presentation and I feel like a lot of my days will feel like this in the coming months. But nothing can remove the excitement from my Baler-surf trip. Tiff invited me to her weekend party and though I'm not a beach person, it's too good to pass on.
  • Baler is nothing but breathtaking. Our group of 10 was a mix of tiff's officemates old and and new and friends from college and the 6- hour trip was worth it. And I surfed! I thought id just chill in the resort but no, I tried (and failed) at surfing. Awesome times though with the group.
  • As if I wasn't bad enough the first time, we tried surfing again and surprisingly I was better. Not good but better than yesterday. I thought I lost my phone right before we surfed only to find out Tiff and Iking actually picked it up when I left it. Heart attack right there. Still, the successful surf session made up for it.
  • Getting to work was terrible as expected but at least I was able to make it to my morning meeting. I officially hate Monday morning traffic. The meeting was pretty intense and I wasn't prepared for it but at least it was enlightening. I'm so happy the weekend happened because I felt so recharged and ready somehow for work. Not bad at all.
  • Carpool day and we're complete. But of course, it's terribly traffic still. I really don't understand why Tuesdays are so terrible. I thought I would be part of a presentation only to find out I was no longer needed. And though it's a blessing, I was able to work, it's still a little disconcerting that we're not included.
  • Pub reports always take the energy out of me and though it's interesting to see the numbers, I'm always so drained after. I'm glad I was able to attend the dinner for Tricia. Her dad is a PR genius and a generally awesome guy so the dinner was fun. And Teeff's cake for the birthday girl was amazing.
  • Somehow I made it to work this morning despite waking up late. Still, with a meeting in the morning and a brainstorm in the afternoon, I literally have not gotten any work done. I'm just glad I got through today. What was even better was I finally got to attend bible study and though I'm not the most prayerful person, I feel like it was just what I needed. So many familiar faces from high school and even college review class.
  • For some reason, I felt lighter about Friday in general. I don't know if it was the praying the night before or the reflection but it was something. Sure, there was still the usual negativity from the day, but I didn't seem to be as bothered. Maybe, it's all in my head.
  • I haven't woken up this late in a veery long time so getting up at 2pm was very much welcomed. Sure, I didn't even sleep that late on Friday but I guess my body was asking for it.
    Spent my day in bed watching TV of course and home alone with my siblings out and my parents away for the weekend. An empty house is very weird for someone so used to having so many people around. Not that I'm complaining.
  • Huge day was huge. I woke up surprisingly early to watch a bit of the #1DDay but also to start downloading the Doctor Who special. While waiting for things to finish though, I got possessed and actually did some exercise. I don't know why but 39 minutes before mass felt good. Paola and I decided to catch Catching Fire again and the malls were pretty full because of the Pacquiao match (which he thankfully won). After getting stressed with the movie again, we head back home and I catch up on TV. And we finally get to catch The Day of the Doctor. The episode is brilliant and I'm going to miss Matt Smith so much but Capaldi should be pretty awesome, I think.
  • This week is bound to be crazy so I'm glad I was able to start it off on the right ish foot by commuting with Jill. The day was pretty crazy including back to back presentations (even if we did present to Liam, so cute) and briefings and whatnot. I swear, I'm going to pull my hair out soon.
  • It was a pretty crazy day. Like really crazy. Starting at 730 in the morning, I was already at Mandarin Oriental for a meeting I didn't know why I was there.
  • Today was a truly terrible day complete with tears and fears. The meetings never end and everyone needed something from me. My list of things to do kept piling up and I just wanted to leave.
  • It's thanksgiving in the US and though the origin of the holiday is dubious, I'm thankful for so many things even if things are pretty shitty right now. I know things'll get better but sometimes, it's hard.
  • I am not cut out for partying apparently. My friends in their attempt to help me fulfill my goal of meeting the boy, are parading me out tonight and I appreciate it a lot but I also realize I am so not meant for this.
  • The last day of the month and I'm just really lazy to do anything. I stayed in bed and realized I am so behind on my book list, I really do have to lessen my goal for the year. That's too bad.

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