Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: Trying to get up on the board and failing

Loving: Mini-getaways. I didn't think I'd be the type to want to hang out at the beach for the weekend -- or surf for that matter, but apparently, I am. And that weekend with officemeates at the beach was both unexpected and totally enjoyable. I need more of these surprise, spontaneous trips.

Reading: I finally got around to starting Attachments and everything Rainbow Rowell and I'm happy to report that I enjoyed her debut novel so much. I initially thought it was YA which it probably is but given that the characters worked at an office, I guess not. I loved it. So much. Too much.

Watching: The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who had the most tremendously satisfying episode and I'm so in love with Tenant, I'm going to watch his past work. But really, it was written and executed so magnificently, I need more Eleven (and Twelve) in my life. Also, Broadchurch blew my brains out so bad, I'm scared for Gracepoint. Still, it's more Tenant so that can't be all bad.

Anticipating: The 'holiday break' and my siblings coming home. Sure, my brother from SG has to work over the holidays (it sucks to be the newbie at a law firm, I suppose), but my brother in LA is coming home and my sister will be here, so we're practically complete. I'm just raring for those few precious days when I hope I won't have to work.

Listening to: I've been listening to The 1975's Chocolate on repeat now and I know they have a whole album but I'm too lazy to get around to it. Instead, I'm happy to just remember the surf and the waves and the very bumpy ride going and coming as I listen to them.

Planning: To really fix my room. I promise. My mom, embarrassingly, couldn't take it anymore, she did my closet. And that's a sad fact. I'm thankful but terribly mortified. So slowly but surely, I'm going to work through little sections of my tiny but packed room. It's got to stop. I need to throw half this stuff away anyway.

Working on: My Fitness! Fergie said it best (how retro to reference her) but I'm trying!!! The Nike Training Camp app has been pretty nifty but I still have to actually get around to doing these things. I'm trying the 15 minute-ones cause I'm terribly lazy and weak to do a full 30. Heck, i'm too weak to do a 15. but I am trying.

Wishing: I was more patient. I know I've been waiting around for quite some time and I know they say it comes when you least expect it, but patience has never been my virtue and it needs to be. I should probably just pray more and more about it. It will come, I know it. I just wish I knew when.

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