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Well, I think we better go; serious, you better go

First off, thanks to everyone who sent their love and prayers during Typhoon Haiyan. We're thankfully very far from the devastation, and were spared but it's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks and there's so much destruction and strife in the Visayas islands, that things have been turned upside down. I'm really proud of the private sector though and all the relief efforts they've set up independently. You can't come across someone you work with, who doesn't know someone who was hit or who hasn't helped out in their own little way by volunteering or donating or just giving their time to the relief efforts and I'm hoping things get better for everyone.

Somehow, in the middle of the storm craziness, I actually found myself getting away to the beach. I am NOT a beach person. Sure, I went to the beach at the start of the year, but I literally hung out on the shore and read a book. This time around, I went with friends who had one thing on their mind... surfing.

I am NOT a surfer. I'm not a water person. I can barely float and I don't like seawater. And I'm not fond of the sun, but when I tried to surf and just get out there, I actually really really liked it.

My officemate, Tiff's birthday weekend was something I didn't have planned but it all fell into place somehow. I was Jill's roomie and I was going to the beach on a non-long weekend. This is something way out of my comfort zone, but I thought, why the hell not? And it definitely wasn't my norm, but it was something else.

I'm not very good at it. Two surf lessons later and I still wipe out way more than I can stand on the board, but the thrill is different and I feel really challenged to get better at this. I don't know how often I'l actually get to come back, but the two times at the starter level were enough to make me want to go back.

Plus, I'll be more pressured to get into shape, because honestly I was super insecure about being in public in a bathing suit/bikini so I know I need to get into better shape. Plus, my body hurt like crazy, that I probably didn't get to perform as well. On a total side note, I'm trying (and failing) to do the Nike Training Club and I'm nowhere near a routine/lifestyle. In time, but I digress.

The food was amazing and cheap and our accommodations were rad (and free! Thanks, Tiff!) so I'm definitely encouraged to go back and try again. The only downside was the drive was way too long and bumpy.

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Now I wouldn't consider myself converted to be a beach person, but at least I can't say I'd rather not go. In fact, I'm kind of looking for reasons to go back soon. If only we had more weekends free. Now that would really be paradise.
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