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What's Up Month: October 2013

A month that was characterized by how it was a lot more restful than September, it was still a pretty crazy month in general. Lots of feelings and internal battle but a pretty good one because I got to see friends and family way more than in September. and for that, it's an awesome month.

  • Start the month right? It was carpool day and riding to work with Jill and Roana is always a nice start despite the traffic. I like that I've formed new friendships. I thought I would get to go home early but it wasn't the case, just going through all my emails for the past week proved to take forever.
  • Despite sitting next to Risa, I actually miss hanging with her as all we ever do is work and work some more.
    So it was nice to be able to take off from work a little early so I could tag along as she shopped for an outfit for tomorrow's event. I miss these moments.
  • Hectic day was hectic but there was lots of fun to look forward too. After forever, we had another #kaladkarin session and special guest, Chaps joined all the way from SG. I'm glad I was able to sort of attend Risa's event, too. I was late, but still got there to show her support and I'm just glad it all fell into place.
  • My third year anniversary in Summit and it's been a pretty good three years. I know it's short relative to everyone else in the company, but it feels like quite the stay. So many ups but lots of challenges, too. It was a carpool morning with Jill and I had lunch with Teeff and went home early with my dad. All in all, a good and not too crazy day.
  • I got to visit my grandma in the morning and hang out at her place for a bit. It's nice that I get to spend with her. Also, I'm really happy I got to meet up with Lee-Ann. And things seem to be going really well for her at med school. I hope things turn out for the best.
  • I wasn't planning on going out today but seeing as my parents invited me out, it was good to get away. And though I wasn't planning on shopping, I did end up buying a couple dresses and the wedges I had been looking for forever. I'm so happy I got the deals
  • Wearing heels makes a huge difference apparently. Sure, I'm always in flats, but it I didn't realize I wore them that rarely. Still, it feels very girly to wear some. It was great to see my high school friends again. I'm glad I really dropped by Iza's birthday. It's been way too long since we hung out.
  • For some reason, my day for carpool is cursed. I'm glad all the girls got to ride in the morning and the traffic wasn't too too bad. But on the way home was terrible. From the u-turn slot to my house took 20 minutes because of the rain and an accident at the bottom of the road. Fail, I tell you.
  • We had a big presentation today and though I didn't bring my A-game, it'd have to so. Obviously, I do not answer well under pressure. Still, it was nice to sit and think of new things with the candy girls. Thinking can be exhausting, so I'm glad we had fuel in the form of coffee and cake. The night was capped with dinner with Brei. Who knew we'd bond? I never thought so but I'm glad we have.
  • I didn't realize what a fan I was of blogger, Tricia Gosingtian until I really met her and her dad at her book signing. Sure, she's my favorite of the bunch, but seeing in her action made me like her more. She's absolutely sweet and down to earth. I hope she does go places. It was nice to have dinner with the Candy girls after. I didn't realize how late it got until I got home past midnight and just collapsed.
  • I just couldn't wait for the day to end and after the many meetings that got cancelled today, I'm just glad I survived. Plus, it was nice to go through a decent interview. I hope the candidate accepts. On the plus side, hitching a ride home with Jill was nice. We got to leave work at a decent time and I got to download all I need for the weekend. Fun times ahead.
  • I had no plans of going out but since I had to bring Paola to her many events, I ended up at Trinoma to redeem the GCs that Marla gave me. I don't normally care for my brows, but the service was free so I had my brows waxed and tinted. I can't really tell what happened but they do seem neater.
  • I love when days are spent sleeping in between meals and TV shows. I'm terribly behind on reading but the naps are worth it. Best part? Sleeping really really early and not having to wake up too early the next day. All weekends need to be this way.
  • I'm happy I was able to split cab fare with Jill today and with less traffic at that. The holiday for everyone does have its perks. It felt good to have a brunch meeting with Anna and Chrissy and Risa. I kind of miss the 7F girls. I'm just happy it's a holiday tomorrow.
  • I'm always grateful for a holiday and though I tried to watch as many TV shows as I could, I ended up napping and chilling. It's a shock I actually managed to drag myself out of bed to catch Carrie with the Candy girls
  • Attending a whole day seminar for work was a pretty daunting thing but I'm grateful and honored to have been included. Still, it felt very serious business to me and way above my level of understanding. After that, I had a pretty good and long talk with one of my favorite bosses and I'm glad we had that talk. Sure, things are still very
    uncertain, but she always makes me see things differently.
  • I'm always nervous for pub reports but at the same time I'm glad to have them. Sure, we have to prepare and report numbers that are not always so good, but sitting with our president who's quite hands on and awesome! always gives me inspiration to do things better. In other news, I'm getting a little tired and lazy in general. Though this isn't something new, it's definitely happening more often now. Not too good
  • I thought I wouldn't make it to the presentation only to actually be one of the earliest. I'm so blessed in the commuting department lately. Though I wish I had more time to present, I understand being pressed for time. I just wish it weren't always me last. The rest of the day went better with lunch at Silantro with the style bible girls and Brei. I missed these girls, I have to say.
  • Pamy's home! It's weird not having her around all the time, like before but this weekend is bound to be tiring/epic because of egret presence. Going out with the parents is always fun even if things don't start off as smoothly. We brought her to her dentist, then had lunch at Charlie's and then to Magnolia to go around a bit. I didn't get to shop, but that's okay.
  • The siblings are off to the US for their yearly sojourn and I'm jealous because they get to go to NY for my uncle's wedding. I was napping the whole day but woke up in time to see everyone panic-packing. We took them to the airport and though their trip is quite short, goodbyes at airports are always hard for me. I'll miss them while they're away.
  • Risa and I weren't planning on it but we ended up attending the Top Gear anniversary party and it turned out pretty fun. Drinking on a Monday is never a wise choice but it was fun. I'm glad I got to hang out with Nikki and Justin, Stef and Yay and Risa and Julo. Hello, couples.
  • It's carpool day and I tried passing C5. Not bad. I don't know what hungover feels like but I guess today was a pretty good approximation. I don't know why I agreed to go on a set-up today but I did. And Brei lines up a pretty decent guy. I'd like to think it went well despite me being late but one can never tell. Still, not a bad first date ever.
  • It's not my day for carpool but with Pio being out of the country, I figured I might as well take advantage of the availability of cars. The best part of today was welcoming Koko and Teeff back from their business trip. Who knew I would miss them so much? Plus, they got me the cutest gift! I finally have a chambray top. Oh friends.
  • In a sudden decision, I end up bringing the car again to work and I've been lucky to find parking in the nearby lot. I also finally got to go to UP town center even if I didn't get to have dinner there. Instead, I hung out after work at Starbucks with Roana and Brei. I'm glad I met these girls. They're pretty awesome.
  • I don't know what came over me and I decided to drive to work again. I was almost late for our meeting with the president. Luckily, it got pushed back. But i was so nervous the whole time on the road. After work, Roana and I end up back in UP town center and sample the pizza this time. It's not bad at all. I wonder how it would have been if this was open when I was in college. I'd be broke faster for sure.
  • Massage date and dinner with Blanche was fantastic. I'm surprisingly more social at the onset of this long weekend. Chinese food and massages apparently do wonders for my system. I approve completely. I totally did not lose this bet no matter what they say.
  • There's always someone around the house thanks to how plenty we are but with the siblings abroad, the house is pretty empty now. I don't mind, it's just a little weird. And so I went to mass alone and caught up on TV shows and just generally became lazy because I know there isn't work tomorrow. Fun times.
  • It's such a wonderful feeling to not go to work on a Monday morning. Instead, I made plans to see Sophie who just finished her bar exams. I can't imagine studying everyday for 6 months straight but she did. Go, lawyers to be. There is a reason I can't and won't take law. So nice to see her though.
  • Despite the three day work week, they made sure it would be a crazy one. Meetings and deadlines left and right. The one presentation I was excited for turned out to lack the reason for excitement. Oh well. That night, we made plans to meet up with ex-officemates and it was nice to see Sam and Bianca after so long. Teeff and I haven't been out in a bit so it was nice to just hear Parisian and engagement stories. Oh life after Summit.
  • I was supposed to attend a Halloween party tonight but I got lazy and my dad tempted me with a free ride home so that always trumps things. I've been trying to take a more laid back approach to things and I don't know if it's a good thing but I'm certainly better rested.
  • Though it was my fault, I'm annoyed that I missed almost all of Thor that I had planned to watch with my siblings. Lesson learned: say no and speak up. I had lunch with Risa and Roana at the mall and though it was only
    for a bit, it still felt good to get away from he office. Also, it's pretty obvious to me now what really matters and how I shouldn't let those that don't matter to me get to me so much. Thank goodness Macy was such a sweetheart and listened to me rant. I really needed that.

    And so there was that. What started out as a great month, ended on a day full of frustration and angst. But still, there was the date and family & friends. Here's to more of all latter three in November. Positive thoughts all around, then.

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