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Currently: Wanting and not wanting time to go faster


Loving: The ber months. With September over, October feels like such a breath of relief. There's still so much to do but I feel like I can manage it better now? I don't know but I feel like I feel better about most things and a lot of things that were bothering me last month. Maybe it's because I've accepted and acted upon things? Nevertheless, I'm loving this feeling this October. I'm so much chiller.

Reading: I'm really excited that Allegiant is coming out. I have to admit, I actually kind of forgot what the hell happened in Insurgent, but I'm both raring to read it and sad that this is the last book in the series. With the movie coming out and knowing it's Shailene and Theo in the roles, I'm definitely going to be reading it differently.

Watching: So, The Originals has started and though I'm not yet used to seeing Klaus, Rebecca and Elijah in every single scene, I'm definitely relishing it. Now if only they finally remove the stake from Elijah's heart, I' be the happiest camper. Then of course, there are the other CW treats like Reign which doesn't have me lusting over the cast, but should be fine.

Anticipating: The long weekend! October has two holidays coming up and I intend to do absolutely nothing with it. The Monday of the local elections should be pretty swell and the Friday of All Souls Day will be fantastic. Do I have anything planned? Meet up with friends, I suppose, but other than that, absolutely nothing. This is going to be pure bliss for me.

Listening to: Other than the bubbly Katy Perry's PRISM, I'm actually pretty hooked on older Ed Sheeranrecords. After I heard Cold Coffee, I immediately hunted down the rest of that EP and it turns out, I need more. He definitely needs to come out with a new album. Also, another oldie, but Rosi Golan's C'est L'amour was also heavily rotated. It's love.

Planning: My holiday catch-up plan. I'm behind on a lot of things, my reading, movies and writing in my diary (don't laugh). I definitely need to catch up and the upcoming holidays are the best way to get there. I'm just hoping that I don't get overwhelmed with the catch-up that I don't get to enjoy the actual holidays.

Working on: Being more open. One of my closest and oldest friends just told me she was in a relationship. Though this isn't hard to believe, it was basically down to the two of us in our group of friends. I'm not saying I'm in a rush now, but I'm definitely trying to be more open to possibilities. Let's see where this all takes us.

Wishing: Things fall into place. I'm not the most patient person and with me planning things and working on things, I'm always so anxious about the results. Here's to wishing things just all turn out the way they ought to and are meant to so I won't have to worry and nitpick so much. Please?

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