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What's Up: September 2013

September has always been a particularly stressful month with all the presentations and preparation for next year so I'm really happy to get it over with. And now we say hello to the last quarter of the year. It's crazy how time flies so incredibly fast. Before we know it, we'll be ringing the new year already.

01. So there goes the weekend. I thought it would go by longer but it really just disappeared as always. I woke up in time for church and spent all morning trying to fix my dad's suddenly slow computer which I've been using the past few weeks and therefore feel responsible for. I hope that my fix sticks.
02. So much love in the air. My office mate, Jill got engaged today and her fiancé surprised her in our office! It was such a sweet set up and Risa and I were totally high for the rest of the day. Then I ended up at the movies with Koko, Steph and Mimi to watch On the Job which was pretty fantastic. I wish we had more Filipino movies of this calibre.
03. Busy day was busy but im glad I was able to leave work early enough to go home with dad. Traffic has been so terrible even if it isn't the holiday season yet so I'm not looking forward to that. Also with back to back meetings, I foresee nothing getting done this week. This is not good.
04. Woke up late this morning but I'm glad I was able to get to work in time for my meeting. I'm also glad for my team mate, Kriska, who's really been a big help. I missed most of the event but I still made it to Marla's book signing and it was nice to have dinner with the Candy girls again. I've missed them so.
05. In what seemed to be an endless day of presentations, there were bright spots. Like presenting to a pretty cute guy who always seems so smart and nerdy. And realizing we have a ton of common friends. And Of course ending the night with drinks with the candy girls at Sonsi where I haven't been in forever. This place has way too many memories.
06. So much for black out Friday. We got derailed by a few hours due to a delayed meeting that wasnt exactly the best way to start the weekend, but at least I was quasi-productive during the day. Even with that freak rain storm in the middle of the afternoon, we still got things done.
07. It's funny how my little sister has a more active social life than I do. Today, I drove her to a concert while I stayed home to watch TV and drink beer. Then went back to pick her up past midnight. Lovely. Speaking of the beer, I tried Bundaberg ginger beer and am in love!!!! I've only had Rekorderlig cider and haven found it elsewhere, but now that I've had Ginger Beer, I kind of want some more.
08. Well, nothing's new but I slept the day away. It wasn't such a waste but I thought I slept later when in fact I was conked out by lunch time. I'm surprised I even woke up for dinner. I'm glad I did though, because the wings were awesome. More awesome was finally getting back on track with my The Vampire Diaries rewatch. My goodness, season 4 started out really bad. I'm excited for season 5, though
09. It's always awkward for me to do manpower concerns in my job. I've been so used to doing just day-to-day things to survive so seeing the other side of it always surprises me and not necessarily in the best way. I definitely need to learn to deal with all this other stuff.
10. Crazy day was crazy. Our first day of carpool was a quasi fail with only Jill showing up but it wasn't too bad. Traffic was terrible but we still got to the office at the planned hour. Going home was another story though with a little rain going a long way. I got stranded in Shangri-la which wasn't a bad thing. Still, yet another reason I want to try to find work outside the country. How can traffic get so bad after an hours worth of rain?!
11. It's always fun and weird to do teleconferences. First off, I don't think I was supposed to be in the room with everyone but it was an enlightening meeting with the Hearst folk. It's always fun and weird to do teleconferences. First off, I don't think I was supposed to be in the room with everyone but it was an enlightening meeting with the Hearst folk.
12. Though I wish I didn't have to do sudden extra work for FN's screening, I'm glad I have Ro working with me. She seems to know this side of work and I'm glad I have someone to collaborate with. Our ocular at The Podium ended up being a pretty good lunch and quasi-bonding session. After Madeca for lunch, gelato at Bono for dinner was totally awesome.
13. It's funny how I always project this 'funny girl' vibe when I don't exactly make it that way. Today at a meeting, I once again somehow showed my goofy antics unintentionally. And though it wasn't inappropriate, it tends to label me as the 'funny girl' which isn't a bad thing, but isn't necessarily my norm.
14. As much as I just wanted to veg today at home, I had a reader lunch for FN that I had to attend to. And I have to say it was pretty awesome hearing insights from readers. Plus the FN team and Ro are always a delight. After the lunch, I headed home and totally passed out. I guess I was more tired than I thought I was. I'm glad I was able to catch up on some TVD, too. I've been so behind.
15. I had so many plans for today but because I was lazy to get out of bed, I prolly only accomplished half. Still, half of it was getting my dads laptop reformatted, heading to the MIBF to support the Spot book and hanging out with Koko on a Sunday night really far from my house. After the book fair, we caught dinner at Yabu, had some coffee and dessert at UCC and tried to shop a bit during the sale. Over-all, not bad for a Sunday out.
16. Mondays are always bad commutes but this morning was exceptionally terrible complete with rain and traffic and barely making it our mancom. I'm glad we were able to do other things but I'm really worried as I haven't done anything for Sales Con just yet. And it's so very near. And though it rained, our screening of About Time still pushed through and it was so much more than what I thought it would be. I'm glad the screening went well plus I saw Lou, too.
17. The official start of #TheNaughtyNorth carpool and though it took us two hours to get to work, I'm glad I had Roana, Jill and Bea with me in the car. It made the drive worthwhile. I'm making a tiny dent in my media kit duties and nothing on the sales con thanks to so many other things I have to do. Still, I went home relatively early all things considered. I'm such a rebel now.
18. What a day. Day 2 of #TheNaughtyNorth carpool and traffic was a little less bad than the day before. On the plus side, I was able to have lunch with Koko and Teeff at Saboten and I really am a katsu fan. Must have more. I'm also still obsessing over Paramore's Still Into You. I've literally listened to it over and over again.
19. I'm glad I finally got to ride home with dad. I'm trying to go home a little earlier and I think I'm getting better at it. Though it's a good thing for me, it doesn't say much for my work which I've been putting off like crazy. Where is that diligent, hardworking Patty I used to know???
20. There are good days and then there are bad ones. Instead of getting things done, I ended up thinking about things that are of no use to me right now. Lunch with Risa, Brei and Teeff was a really nice reprieve from the office. An hour away from my cube seems to work wonders for me nowadays. Good thing I was able to spend the evening with Koko and Teef and Marla at the new food truck place over at Capitol commons. I even bumped into Isha and it was so good to see her. I miss the old days.
21. Sometimes, I get the need for meetings. Sometimes, I don't. Still, you don't have much of choice but to attend lest you be deemed uncooperative. And though I wish I could keep my calm face on as my neutral face, after the amount of bull I've been dragged through lately, my bitch face is now my norm. Which is sad, but true.
22. I don't know why I don't have the urgency to work on the sales con. Instead, I'm resting and eating and sleeping. Why must I take my time when there is no time left?! I know I sort of have all the data already, but putting it together isn't exactly a piece of cake. I really need to work on my diligence again.
23. Well, I am lazy every weekend and though this wasn't the best weekend to be lazy, I was anyway. After mass, we headed to my grandmas house to celebrate my cousin's belated birthday and though I didn't sleep through everything, I did end up taking a nap, which is common. Still, it was nice to hang out with everyone again.
24. Today, I sat through a test of sorts for some of the AEs that represent digital. And though I really feel like we have a long way to go, it's nice to see some support for our department. I can't imagine being on the front line f defense for the company so I can't say a thing. I just hope things turn out better for all of us.
25. I took a sick day off so I could finish preparing for sales con given that I haven't done much at all. The best news was that I didn't have too many notes from the boss about it. This was definitely the highlight of the day. And for some reason, I was able to work on so much more. So I guess working from home does work for me.
26. Day one of sales con and female network went as good as it could, I suppose. I hate that I was late though. I came in and it was already presidents speech. I can't believe I let myself be late. After FN, I stuck around to support Yummy and SP and then I headed to Epic to work on Candy and show Koko Spot. I'm glad I started spot early last night because after the schedule change, I wouldn't have time for either.
27. I woke up late again and I can't believe I made it on time. There wasn't as much traffic but two days in a row is terrible for me. What's happening?! Spot and Candy are done, too! I can breathe now! Sure, we have Candy fair tomorrow but it was still quite a feeling to be finally done. We headed to Sta. Clara after though to offer eggs for good weather tomorrow and then to hang out at ingress. The Digicon team is such a fun bunch to be around.
28. Candy fair is such a long day but always so worth it. Though we're working the entire time, it's always such great fun. And this time around, I felt even more part of it than in past years. Plus seeing projects with clients come to life and see things get green lit is such a nice feeling. I hope things turn out ok for the rest of the campaign. Dinner with the Candy girls are always such fun affairs. I don't think I'll ever get sick of hanging with them.
29. Nothing. I did nothing today and I just ate and slept and tried watching TV but it was a glorious day. Sure, I didn't have a voice, but lying in bed the whole day was worth it. This is how I want my weekends to be. All the time. With my voice preferably, but doing nothing is king.
30. Taking half the day off was a good thing. I've been so exhausted from the past two months, I haven't really had a chance to rest. And even if I had a meeting this morning, I had it cancelled. I just couldn't. I did go to our closing for the sales con and it was nice to see Risa again. I feel like I haven't seen her in forever. It's back to reality again.

And now it's back to reality. It's going to be hard to get used to the daily grind again, but there is no other way. I'm just glad i have my weekends again.

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