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Today is a Great Day and It's All Because of You

This has been a pretty stressful month as far as months go and one of the reasons why is sales con happening next week. Thing is, this year, I have less to stress about and more people to help me with things, but things still feel quite overwhelming because expectations tend to be higher.

Still, I'm grateful everyday that I get to work with the Candy girls. Everyone from editorial to publishing to our support teams are the sweetest and most accommodating and helpful people ever. I've been handling Candy for 3 years now but I haven't felt this much of a support system and I'm so happy blessed for it.

My boss is awesome and my team mate is wonderful and as cliche as it sounds, they make work not seem like work an considering the industry I'm in, it's over and beyond everything. I don't mind seeing them on weekends (to work) or catching up after a long day because they're filled with so much positivity even with all the negativity around.

And there's been a lot of negativity lately and it's hard to not get sucked into it, because you feel it from all corners. But just dropping by the Candy row or grabbing milk tea with Koko and Teeff can really turn a day around and make things much better.

As sappy and clingy as it sounds, I really do thank my lucky stars every day that I get to work with really passionate people who love what they do. I always hope that some of their awesomeness rubs off on me so I can do my best in turn.

So I dedicate this month's Happiness Project to the Candy Team who really do make days greater just because.

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