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What's Up: August 2013

Late is late and I'm not sure why I bother but I can't help it. I don't start something I can't finish and if this kills me, then so be it. I am not going to let go of LJ just yet. I can't. And yet, it's getting increasingly challenging to catch up thanks to the stresses of real life. But worry not, I will work it out. I always will

01. The start of the month and it's bound to be a busy month. With strat plan at the end of the month, planning and reports and the everyday things will surely drive me crazy. There are good and bad days and this was a little overwhelming. But I'm going to try and follow this month's mantra of “doing more
of what makes me happy.” So I will try.
02. We attended the Planning of a magazine brand and though I'm not sure how were going to go about things now, I'll try not to worry about it since there's only so much we can do. Still, it was pretty good a day spent away from the office. Fielding emails from afar wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be considering Friday afternoons tend to be my busiest.
03. So I had big plans of working and whatnot today and instead, I caught up on The Bridge and The Vampire Diaries which is a great way to spend your Saturday, too. You know it's a good day when you literally don't get up from bed except to eat and eat some more. I really wish I had the willpower to work. I'm so not on my A-game.
04. I was supposed to work again today but of course, knowing my weekend mode, I didn't. Instead, I started Graceland and couldn't stop. Who knew Aaron Tveit and the rest of the hotties on the show could let me sit through 7 episodes of police procedurals. I tried restarting my The vampire Diaries catch-up with Paola and season 3 but ended up falling asleep after 3 episodes. So much for not doing anything. How could I be exhausted?
05. I can't believe I missed seeing Reggie when she came by the office today. I was off to planning part 2 and totally missed Reggie's surprise office visit. Still, I'm glad we're getting somewhere with Candy planning. I really need to sit down and hammer this one out over the weekend so I can move on to FN and Spot instead of cramming.
06. I sure pray hard. I was running late to a 10am meeting with our president this morning (and I'm never late!!!) so I'm glad I had the saints on my side and had our meeting pushed back a bit because traffic was terrible. And I really need to learn to toughen up. Today was hard and I know I should keep a positive attitude about everything, but I do get so easily disheartened and overwhelmed and I need to be better at rising up to the challenge and just being gung ho about everything. Perhaps it's th exhaustion talking
07. And I'm late to work. Again. That's two days in a row and totally out of character for me. But I've been sleeping late and haven't been in the mood for anything lately. Still, I tried making up for it by doing as much as I could. And sure, the list just keeps getting longer but at least we're getting somewhere.
08. It's the last day of the work week and my morning meeting got cancelled. Best news ever. Still, it helped me get through my today is the last day list. But really, it's not like I won't be working on all these damn holidays to finish strat plan presentations. Le sigh. August, I can't wait till you're over.
09. What started out as work at the office turned to work at home that turned to my flash drive getting corrupted and having to go to the office after all. What a holiday. All these holidays will be wasted thanks to strat plan at the end of the month. I wish the three holidays happened on a different month then I might be able to enjoy them.
10. I was really lazy to start with work but luckily I was able to go through my numbers pretty quickly. I'm hoping I did the right computations. Now, to move on to actual strategizing. After working, I accompanied my parents to dinner with my dads cousin and my second cousins. I'm not very close to them but they were such sweethearts.
11. So today, I was supposed to finish a bulk of my work and instead, I only got through a fraction. There were too many distractions and too many questions I didn't have answers to. Which should be okay except that next weekends should be dedicated to the other brands I'm handling. Good luck to me then. Also, I'm not a big basketball fan, but after yesterday's win against South Korea, I was hopeful Gilas Pilipinas our national basketball team would triumph over Iran. Alas, it wasn't the case. Still, we're going to the basketball championships in Spain next year so that's something.
12. There are good and bad days at work and this one ended well. I made a new friend! Or at least we bonded over our neighborly connection. I sit two rows from Roana and don't really get to work with her, but today, we learned we live close, have family in SG and hate the transport system we take. This job, though draining, does have its upsides. Seeing and meeting really passionate people who love what they're doing makes me wish I could strive to be just as passionate about what I do. Baby steps.
13. I have the best luck. I woke up extra late today and had to find my own way to the SP planning at the Fort. Today f all days, dad wasn't working at The Fort. So instead I took a cab and made it literally in time to be introduced to the group. I'm glad it was a productive day and we got lots of things done. 3 down, 2 to go and the last 2 brands are brands I handle on my own without print counterparts, so I'm scared as hell.
14. So much for getting a lot of things done today with all my meetings cancelled. Instead, I spend all day still trying to catch up on the mountain of work I have to do and the never ending list. Funny thing is I went home quite early so I could get work done from home. Do you think I did any? Nope, I slept instead when I should have been working. Lesson learned. Finish shiz in the office.
15. It was the Spot planning the whole day and instead of going back to the office, I opted to go straight home. It was a pretty draining day. I'm glad that Koko was able to attend with me. I'm really nervous about the non-print brands I handle just because I don't have anyone technically looking out for me. I went straight home and tried doing some work only to find myself really just laying back and chilling a bit more. I know I should be on my A-game, really hungry to finish Strat planning, but I find myself putting it off. Not good.
16. “Reasearching” for Strat plan kinda made me miss college. Kinda. Hanging out at the ADMU library and trying to make sense of whatever research I could get made me think of masters classes. I wonder when I'll take some. Dinner with Reggie and the Style Bible girls was fun. I know I could have gone home straight from researching but I'm glad I didn't. I haven't seen Reggie since march and haven't hung out with the Style Bible girls in forever so I'm happy I got to do both.
17. Working the afternoon with Koko and Teeff turned out to be ok even if I didn't gets as many things as I wanted to done. I'm worried cause I'm changing the targets that were given so I'm hoping I still get to fulfill what I need to in terms of revenue targets. Seeing everyone at Martha's 2nd birthday was a nice touch. Sure, Marian wasn't there, but almost everyone else was and I still can't believe Ruth already has a two year old already.
18. It's a lazy day and I didn't get to wake up as early as I wanted to, nor did I get to be as productive as I should have been. But hone rains and the bed weather lured me back into bed and I really just need to get up and work. I'm happy I was able to support Koko and Teeff at the Candy event. Despite the rains, I traversed to SM North to show my love for my girls. Things went pretty well but we can't believe we saw each other practically everyday this week. Wow.
19. It was nice to get a fake break today. I was really early at the office but because of the unofficial suspension, I went home just as our big boss came in. And sure, it wasn't like I wasn't working at home, but it nice to know I could nap if I wanted to and could stay in my pajamas all day. Both of which I did with my siblings and parents. All in for the faux holiday.
20. So they finally suspended work today and I unfortunately had to cancel the planning for FN that I had been waiting for for so long. I really worried because presentations are next week and we have yet to plan. Oh dear. I hope it all turns out ok. Still, today's second day off wasn't bad. Except the weather has been so bad that there's flooding everywhere. I really hope things finally turn for the best soon.
21. I know I should have used today to work. But I've been working on and off the entire weekend and the past two days and I really felt like I needed a break. This will bite me in the ass in the next couple of days but so be it. Instead I caught up on my reading. I'm back on track with my GoT reading and I caught the latest Suits which I thought was a cop-out but I'll take it anyway. It's been a fun five day weekend mostly because I was around siblings and parents but I do feel terrible for all those who lost everything in the floods.
22. It's finally back to work and I'm not sure how we managed to get through it because it was pretty hectic and crazy. Not that we shouldn't have expected it. These pseudo breaks are coming and biting us in the ass. We can't win.
23. Lunch with the publisher was both weird and fun. What I thought would be lunch out with Koko and Teeff turned into lunch at our publishers home. There, we were enchanted by her adorable daughter. She's precious, for real. And after a really long time, I rode home with Risa and realized how much I've missed her. We may be seatmates but with all this planning, I barely see her so we set up a work date this Sunday in preparation for strat plan next week. It's so near!!!
24. In the middle of all the strat plan presentation prep, it was nice to be able to go out with the family and have dinner. Sure, a rainstorm suddenly decided to descend upon us but at least we got out. And dinner was crazy heavy but also pretty good. I haven't just malled with my parents in a while and though there wasn't anything I bought, it was nice to step away from work.
25. I don't usually work well outside the house but desperate times call for desperate measures and I ended up at Kenny Roger's on a Sunday night so Risa and I could work separately together. I'm surprised to say that I actually got quite a lot done in our few hours together. The only downside was the crazy parking fee I didn't know I was In for. I should totally read the ticket next time.
26. And the last official holiday of August was spent working with Teeff and Koko at Podium with one day left to our strat plan presentation. Candy is always so fun to work with but also I feel like the pressure is higher because so. Still, it was nice to hang out (even if on a holiday) with the girls and
get to waste the day away. There will be no sleep for me but that's how these things go. I can't believe I'm sill cramming.
27. First day if strat plan presentations over and I'm only 1/3 the way there. It doesn't help that I have meetings and other things to attend to today when all I really want to do is focus on tomorrow's
presentation. Still, it wasn't all bad. We got a pat on the back and we have one down. I'm just glad things turned out okay. Now to get over the other days.
28. Day 2 of presentations weren't as successful as the first or at least I wasn't as confident about it. But given how this brand is strong anyway, I'm hoping the turnover back to me won't jinx any of its
growth. And though I have one more presentation to go tomorrow, there's still sooooo much to do with it. And I'm really just very very sleepy and want to go to bed already.
29. My last day wasn't the best but I'd like to think I started strong. The bosses weren't in for my presentation but I did the best I could. My team mates two brands were ok and I wish I had been able to help her more. Still, by the time I finished everything, I was just about ready to go to bed. And so I took an early ish day off and went home to sleep. I've missed my bed so much.
30. Despite not having any work on Monday, I actually felt really tired and almost sick so I decided to take a sick day off even if I was checking emails and taking calls all day. Still, it felt good to stay in bed. I managed to drag myself out of bed to watch One Direction: This is Us in 3D with the Candy girls! Best way to end the horrific week that was.
31. I thought I would get to stay in bed but my parents wanted to go out so I thought why not? Wow. We stayed out the ENTIRE day which is really ok, but I was pretty bored and tired halfway through it. I'm glad Paola was with me so we were able to bum together. In the end, we were able to watch The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, I got to ogle Lily Collins who is such a cutie. I wish she'd end up with Robert Sheehan's character but we all know how that ends.

And now, I'm technically behind four entries, but I will get through it. September should be crazy as hell, too but we'll make it work. Come chant with me till it happens, okay?

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