Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: Wasting the Holidays Away at Work


Loving: all the holidays. Sure, I have to spend the three holidays of August working, but at least we technically get three days off and I'll take it over having to go to work. I'm not loving the storms though. Een if we get days off from work because of it, the floods they're causing are wreaking havoc for others so I hope that goes away.

Reading: because I really enjoyed Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, I decided to read their other books and unsurprisingly, I really loved them. I haven't seen the Nick and Norah movie yet but the book was a fun read. I really really liked Dash and Lily's Book of Dares more though. It's so fantastical and cutesy but totally just fine.

Watching: summer TV is back in session and I'm gladly enjoying new shows like The Bridge and Graceland. I have yet to watch the original version of The Bridge but this adaptation is pretty damn fantastic. I talked about it in length in my last entry, but I'm not over it yet. And then of course there's Graceland and the cuteness of Aaron Tveit. Enjolras, you still own me.

Anticipating: JT's second album. The first part of The 20/20 experience was pretty fantastic and though Take back the night took some time to grow on me, it has now and I'm really excited to see what Mr. Timberlake has up his sleeve now. Now if only he'd come to Manila and grace us with a legitimate concert. I would so be there.

Listening to: a lot of One Direction and NSync. Goodness, the boy bands really won't leave me alone, will they? After the amazing performance of JT and NSync at the VMA's and seeing One Direction's concert movie, I cannot stop watching their music videos and listening to their songs. I'm so happy I'm a lot older now otherwise this 1D obsession will take over my life.

Planning: For 2014. Work has pretty much taken over my life and planning for 2014 is taking up every spare moment and holiday and whatnot. I'm glad I have a team mate to help me with two brands but I still have three more to work on and I'm a little tired and exhausted but we'll get through it somehow. I can't wait for things to be over.

Working on: the presentations. More than planning for it, I actually have to create the presentations and those are taking forever. Even if I've done this twice before, it's still different doing it this time around now that we're doing it on print timelines. I hope I'm doing things correctly. It feels like I'm not doing anything right right now.

Wishing: for more holidays. Because of the Strat plan, I didn't quite enjoy any of the holidays in August and there won't be many holidays -- if at all till November so I'm wishing, hope against hope that we get thrown some more this September and October just because I really didn't get to use any of them during the August versions. boo.

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