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Do more of what makes you happy

It's terribly hard to do much of anything that makes me happy during August with all the preparations for strat plan presentations. Weekdays were dedicated to everyday work, while weekends and holidays were spent preparing for presentations. And as much as I wanted to just step back and not do anything, I know I'll regret this when push comes to shove.

So in spite of the many holidays this August, I know I'll be spending it working, which makes it all the more difficult to do more of what I love. So instead, I relegated myself to watching as much TV as I could in between breaks of work and catch up on shows I really did want to see and play as much Snoopy and Simpsons as I could. And sure, I was still working, but at least I got to get my little breaks.

The Newsroom: I've always been pretty fascinated by this show, maybe because I didn't end up working in a news room despite my college course so seeing it brought to life (in a very Sorkin-way) always makes me smile. And though this season still has no Will/Mac love, I'll take what I can get and this entire Genoa story is a nice way of seeing them fail at something whilst triumphing in other ways.

I'm really enjoying all the Don/Sloan moments even if they're few and far between. But anytime they're bonding/flirting is A+ for me, especially with Don tag-teaming with her to get back at the douchey ex. Charlie/Sloan always make me smile even if he's always yelling at her. . Then of course, there's Maggie/Sloan and how they teamed up together to stalk someone. And of course, Will/Sloan and their sibling-esque affection makes me smile.

Which really leads me to the fact that I love Sloan. What started out as slight indifference towards Olivia Munn has led to utter love for her character and how she's portrayed. I wish there was more of her and Don and really anyone she interacts with.

Suits: Then of course, there's my favorite legal drama, and the incredibly hot Harvey Specter to grace my screen. Sure, I know I just want him with Donna, but I'll take what I can get and that flashback episode that pretty much shows us there was something before makes me hope there could be something again between them. Their hair was so funny and so bad even if it was only a couple years back and kudos to the flashback styling team for making it so seamless.

Still, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate some Donna/Steven now. They're actually pretty cute and it's nice to see Donna out of her work self and having some fun though somehow you can tell that Steven will be trouble. But for now, I'll enjoy all their office flirtation and imagine it's Harvey this is all happening with.

Finally, there's Mike and Rachel, who are nice to watch but I don't pay much attention to. Now that they're together though, it's cuter to see them battle things as a couple which was what I've always wanted to see in a show -- what happens when a 'will-they-won't-they' couple do get together and battle it out together. I'm glad they're doing this.

The Bridge: Though I'm aware of how this show turns out, it's still fun to see how they're adapting it to US TV and I'm so far, not disappointed. Dianne Kruger is still giving the most knock out performance ever and the nuances she adds to the dialogue and the way she moves just really sells me on her for this. I know they don't outright say Aspergers, but she does it flawlessly. I've never been her biggest fan but she's changing my mind.

Then of course, there's Demian Bichir who I have not paid attention to enough at all. After watching the first few episodes, he won me over with that accent and the scruff and the manliness of it all. Sure, I'm annoyed with his character Marco for even cheating but I'm sure this is all part of a grand scheme. It doesn't stop me from ogling anyway.

But really, my favorite would definitely be Lieutenant Wade and the glorious Ted Levine. He's not in enough scenes to suit my liking but whenever he comes up there, i'm just really transfixed to him. He's such a cool grandpa and such a nice mentor to Sonya and I'm really hoping they don't reveal anything horrible about him or kill him off, because he's such a nice man.

Graceland: of course, the show that caps my 'summer-viewing' weekdays is this amazing show with Aaron Tveit in it. At first, I wasn't going to bother with it, but after seeing friends talking about it and seeing it on my Tumblr dashboard, I had to look twice. It's pretty freaking awesome. Daniel Sunjata and Tveit do a nice partnership and look amazing together on screen.

It doesn't hurt that the rest of the cast is so easy on the eyes either and the California waves are making me want to take permanent vacation there. Then there are the supporting cast whom I just love. Johnny is always so positive and awesome and I wanna be his friend. And Paige Charlie seem like fun when they're not all angry at everyone else (ith reason).

And I'm always on the edge of my seat when I'm watching this. Will they find out about Mike? Will they find out about Odin? Somehow, I'm still hoping that Briggs isn't Odin though at this point, it's hard to refute it. I can't wait for this to get resolved but I'm also hoping for a second season for it.

So yes, I wish I could put the holidays to better use but with the wonderful timeline set upon us by management, I'll have to make the best of it. Here's to hoping the holidays get thrown to another month, because I don't think it'll be much use if they all fall in August.

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