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Singa-Fun-ing For the Nth Time

I don't think I'll ever get tired of flying to Singapore. For one thing, this trip, though booked way in advanced, was totally un-planned. I was working all the way up till my flight. I barely got to pack and I forgot the guide book I bought for myself a couple months back.

But it's ok. Because when in Singapore, I literally just let my siblings drag me wherever they want. Which really brings me to the draw of the Lion City. No offense, I'm sure it's a brilliant place, but it all really pales in comparison because my siblings are there. So it doesn't matter too much (it does, just not too much) what we do, because as long as we're annoying each other out around Tiong Bahru or Orchard, we'll be okay.

For the first time in forever, I traveled with my parents and though it was quite the experience, it definitely assured that I wouldn't need that guide book at all. I was able to meet up with friends, spend my dad's birthday with him, meet my brother's girlfriend AND her parents, shop for myself a bit and just all out binge and not worry about work for too much. Basically, fun!

Plus, I got to wear my dresses that I got from various trips. The dresses are probably my favorite part of a trip because I try to pack as light as possible and limit myself to just a backpack when I travel. This means, I can't stain my clothes or go to a really fancy/un-planned event because my clothes are all I have -- unless of course, I shop.

So, I'm glad that my four packed dresses were a hit and that it didn't rain too much. Though, my saltwater sandals were going to be put to the test of it did rain, I'm glad the storms kept at bay for the time being. I must take note that weather was pretty good around this time.

All in all, not a bad fifth edition of my Singapore trips. I'm already looking forward to my next one -- I'm just putting off buying the ticket (thanks to the ailing bank account), but now that I've figured out where to get me some Rekorderlig, I'm definitely psyched to get back there. Until the next time.

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