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What's Up: July 2013

And we're more than half the year through. July was even faster than usual with my mini-break sneaked into the tail end and all the planning and meetings and things I have to do, but can't seem to accomplish. Still, it wasn't too bad. It's crazy how a year ago, I was off to London and Paris and that's already 365 days past. How quickly time flies

01. Wow. I can't believe I survived that. After an hour of sleep, I manage to get to work early and get ready for our day-long presentation to advertising not without its share of drama. I'm glad dad was able to take me home. Because I was seriously about to collapse from the craziness of the day that was.
02. My new team mate, I learned, has stuff in common with me. This is good. I think we can get along. From reading to the TV shows, there's a lot we share. The day started late so it ended late, too but I'm getting a little more positive. A little. Baby steps. Things will get better, I hope.
03. I don't want to jinx things but despite two meetings today, I still got to catch Monster's University with Koko (and Macy and newly moved in, Dyan). And I had fun. There's work to think about but today, it wasn't too bad. Then when I get home, I'm still able to catch Andy at the quarter finals. I'm seriously not cut out for watching the Wimbledon. I get way too stressed out.
04. I had a presentation in the afternoon and I woke up late today so I tried to get as many things as I could done before I had to leave the office. It's good to know that there are also still awesome people out there that I have yet to meet. I'm glad I was able to hang out with Lorelie this afternoon. She's pretty awesome.
05. Just when I thought I could get out early, things pile up. Oh well, I'm just glad we finished things. Somehow. I'm also a little disappointed in some folks but I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has to start somewhere after all. I went with my parents to a wake and I met the doctor that delivered me. So randomly weird. It's nice how my dad is still close to his high school friends.
06. I kept waking up and falling asleep but somehow ended up staying awake at my grandmas house the entire afternoon which is really a feat. I'm usually asleep when I'm at my grandma's but I guess the cooler weather kept me up. Plus all the food we consumed was a factor. I'm glad we were able to hang with her and my cousin for a while. It's been too long since I saw them. Especially after Miguel went through his treatments, it's nice to see he's ok.
07. I woke up with just enough time to prepare for Blanche's brother's wedding which she was sweet enough to invite us too. It was awesome and killing time with Mimi, Nats, John, Macy and Koko was awesome. Even more awesome? Coming home to the third game of Murray and Djokovic. Murray finally had his moment and Novak was such a sweetheart. I'm still bowled over that it's finally happened for Andy after 77 years.
08. early in and early out for me. Dad was craving Japanese food and I couldn't say no, so I had some chirashi with Dad at Burgos circle. The traffic was so bad though that we had some coffee before heading home.
09. I can't believe it's only Tuesday. It feels like so much shit has happened already. I'm glad I was able to grab drinks with Risa and Brei and just blew some steam. I hope the week goes by faster.
10. I skipped 100 Sexiest this year because there was just so much to do at the office before our planning. But at least I was able to have a much needed #kaladkarin dinner with Lou and Stephie. Aligue rice and Dairy Queen is a cure all.
11. It's my first out of town Candy planning and though I was really excited for it, there's also so much work left behind for the other brands. I'm really hoping things with my new team mate turn out well so at least that's two brands off. Still, the day was pretty much awesome with brunch and planning and then the fun. These girls are love.
12. Waking up today, it didn't feel like. Friday at all. And though I wish I didn't have to work there were emails to attend to and projects to remotely coordinate. Thank goodness for a full battery and good signal. On our way home, we stopped by for lunch and I almost bought shoes on sale at Aldo. But I didn't really need them and though they were cute, it just wasn't something I wanted to spend on. It was fun to hang with the girls though.
13. I woke up pretty late without an alarm to get me up. But today was pretty chill. I spent most of the day just hanging with Paola watching The Vampire Diaries and our rewatches are getting more interesting because season 2 is such an upgrade from 1. Episode 8 was especially intense with Damon professing his love for Elena only to compel her to forget. I love it.
14. I've been watching The Americans all afternoon and I'm pretty impressed with the show. Keri Russel and Matthew Rhys are so intense in it. Even the character Stan blows me away. I wish I could rewatch it in more detail.
15. We were out the whole day for our pre-planning seminar for 2014 and though I'm really daunted at this task, I'm also excited because there's so much more we can do now that we're a more solid team. Team Candy had to do a quick overview of our 2013 and though it's all good now, I'm scared for next year and our performance. Oh well, I'll try to enjoy it now.
16. The day started with some pretty grim news. My new team mate, Kriska had messaged me saying her dad had passed away. She's been pretty new to the company but has been very nice and helpful. I can't imagine hiding or not talking about something this huge. The rest of the day went by really quickly even if there were ten million things I had to do to get through it. I hate that nothing on my list gets accomplished. Instead, it gets longer.
17. Another long day that I managed to survive. I'm glad I was able to get a couple things over with. Still, I'm going to try to be more productive. And get to work earlier. It's not like I don't wake up, I just don't get out of bed. Despite the mountain of work, I was lucky enough to leave earlier than usual. Macy invited me to have dinner with her at Yabu (which turned out to be Bonchon) and I of course, couldn't say no.
18. Long days are long. Pub reports take forever and though they're very useful they're also very tiring and very ominous of all the work that needs to be done. Still., I'm glad we're able to do this because it keeps us on track No matter how many times I deny it. I was supposed to grab dinner with the Candy girls but it started raining really hard and I still had things to finish before going home so I stayed in and waited for the sudden downpour to chill before I headed home.
19. It's my grandma's birthday and though I didn't get to visit her, I did get to give her a call after work. I'm glad I get to see her this weekend and that my mom was able to visit her during the day. I hope she stays strong and healthy. Despite the craziness that was today, I still managed to get out of work slightly early so I could attend George's not so surprise birthday salubong. I'm not very close to him, but Tiff invited me and Brei was going and I really wanted to get out of the office on a Friday night so I'm glad I went.
20. I guess my body isn't used to partying the night away. After drinks with office mates ran a little past midnight, I ended up waking up at 10am on a Saturday morning which shouldn't be so bad except I stayed in bed till noon, had lunch and then went back to napping. TILL 7PM!!! Still, I was able to move forward one episode to the finale of The
Americans, catch up on all the lovely Comic Con articles and videos, and just basically relax.
21. Because of my extra long naps, I couldn't fall asleep and ended up finishing Suits and The Newsroom's season premieres, both of which I really enjoyed. But all I really wanted to do was sleep, so there wasn't much of that.
Of course, this led to a chain reaction of waking up late for the 8am mass and instead going to the 10, therefore missing my window to get my hair cut. Again. I also didn't get to pick up my new sneakers from the mall. Oh well.
22. Mondays are never my favorite day but I got up early enough to hitch a ride with my dad and skip the traffic that was bound to happen thanks to the State of the Nation address happening today. And though I still have to make a dent on the to-do list, I'd like to think today wasn't so bad. Or maybe I'll regret it tomorrow given that I'll be gone on Thursday and Friday.
23. It's day 2 of operation leave the office early and I'd like to think it's been a success so far. Today, I set the alarm to pack up earlier and though I don't want to jinx it, I'm hoping I can keep it up. We also did a full circle for our #kaladkarin dinners with the digital girls. It's Lou's last day tomorrow and we went back to Madeca where it all started to say, “see you later.” I'm sure she'll rock wherever she goes.
24. Well, it wasn't much of a work day but I'm glad that I was still able to get some things done and get to attend to last minute things before I left for my Singafun! It feels good to know I finally have team mates to leave things behind with. Sort of. Some things still slip through the cracks, but I'm glad that I still got to unload. I got to the airport quite early (straight off a client meeting) and got to grab dinner (I hope I don't hurl it all like the last time), and still get some work done. I guess I'm still not feeling the fact that I'll be away from work for two days.
25. So Day 1 of SG started late with me leaving the house almost at 11. At this rate, my parents are still dead to the world and so I venture to AMK Hub to see what Rubi and Cotton On have to offer and well, I'm tempted but I'm glad I don't take the plunge just yet. Instead, we head to Bugis to have lunch and walk around a bit. It's sad that a lot of the dresses are free size and that the free size is too tight for me because there are so many cute (and affordable) clothes. I guess this my sign I need to get smaller.
26. Day 2 in SG started early. I was out of the house by 9 since i hitched with Pamy to see her work place and its really nice and central. Today was hot and I tried my best not to spend too much time out in the sun while I walked to Raffles and Chinatown. I met up with mom and dad at Vivo for lunch and though it wasn't the best, it was nice to spend time together. The rest of the afternoon was wasted on stores and trying on clothes. This Great Singapore Sale is one big temptation. It's hard to not want to buy something
27. Day 3 in SG and I don't want the weekend to end just yet. The day started out early with some drizzles but it didn't stop me from heading to Far East Plaza to finally check it out. There wasnt enough time but I got cute dresses out of it. Then we head to PasarBella at Grandstand to have lunch with my brother and his girlfriend, Ashna. She's a really sweet girl and I'm glad we got to spend a little more time with her.
28. Last day in SG and it wouldn't be a vacation if it didn't have some sort of stress. Still, nothing much to dampen everything. We heard mass in the morning before having some Japanese food for lunch. Then we met up with Ashna and her parents and it wasn't too bad as far as parents meeting was but I'd hate to be my brother just then. I'm glad I have no problems like this just yet.
29. It's back to work and I went straight from the airport. I don't know why I keep doing is to myself. I probably need to go home a day earlier next time or at least go to work later because I felt ultra tired and my throat hurt like crazy. But luckily, I was able to make it out alive with meeting peppered in between. As much as I hate checking my mail on vacation, I'd rather do this than get back to work and spend all my time catching up on emails.
30. What a day. Despite not feeling 100% just yet, I brought myself to wake up early enough to get to work for Yummy's annual planning. It seems I'm always sick around planning time. I'm glad for my teammate though and knowing that we're doing 2014 with digital in mind now from the very beginning. It'll take time, but we'll get there.
31. I was supposed to take a half day today but I couldn't bring myself to get up this morning so I guess I'm spending the day at home, checking emails and trying to get better when I feel like crap. See, I don't get sick. Ever. It's a stomach virus or something similar but my cough now is bad and I just feel really heavy. So I'm glad I have the most understanding bosses ever who forced me not to head to work even if on half day and I got to spend my day in bed, napping and answering emails and napping some more.

And now we dive into August, a hell month at work, but we'll get through it. I know we will. Sure, I have the BER months to look forward to, but I'll have to get through August first. Wish me luck everyone. How were your Julys?

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