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Currently: sitting in an extremely messy room I don't want to fix myself while salivating over SDCC

Loving: all the Comic-Con coverage and sneak peeks were getting as SDCC happens. I guess it'll always be a life dream to attend this live one day but for now, I'll just delight myself with Entertainment Weekly's awesome coverage (and free magazine special) as well as Vulture's version of it. I'm torn. I can't choose my favorite. So far, Orphan Black and the Divergent cast have been adorable but seeing Andrew Garfield and the Hannibal and Game of Thrones casts are just as A+

Reading: because I couldn't get enough of Lauren Conrad, I moved on to her second series, The Fame Game and though I wasn't the biggest fan of Madison or Gaby, they managed to make them both more endearing this time around. Of course, there at new girls, whom I also kind of like, it's not such a bad sequel trilogy. I'm on the last book now and I haven't read in a couple of days but it should be done soon. And now, I'm tempted to read similar ish stories again. Any recommendations?

Watching: I just finished the first season of The Americans and I love love loved it. There is a reason I was a big Felicity fan and that is because Keri Russell is amazing. This is making me want to rewatch Felicity in all it's grainy glory. But really, her chemistry with Matthew Rhys is pretty spectacular and I'm heartbroken and excited and just plain eager to see season 2. The first season was so heart-stopping and the twists they've been pulling have me wondering how they're going to pull it off, but they do.

Anticipating: I'm visiting my siblings in Singapore next week! I have planned for this trip since the start of the year and I'm glad it's finally here. I usually go during the long weekends but since my parents are visiting as well, I thought I'd make the trip with them. Plus, my dad will be celebrating his birthday there, so I decided it would be perfect if I got to go.

Listening to: I wish Lorde had more music because I'm literally listening to her things over and over and over again. Royals is pretty addictions but the rest of her EP is just as good and I'm excited to hear more from her. Also addicting? Thicke's Blurred Lines! I know it's not exactly new but after seeing the video everyone's going nuts about, I can see the obsession.

Planning: for 2014. I'm not used to doing strat plan this early at work but given that we're tied to our print brands, it's necessary that we plan early as well. I'm excited but also nervous for the amount of work I'll need to do. Sure, I planned for five brands last year, too, but this year feels different with different bosses and expectations and all that jazz.

Working on: the Day One journal app. It's a pretty nifty way of documenting life and though I already do it here anyway, it's a great tool to remind me to write something down everyday. And so far, for July, I've been pretty disciplined about it. Now if only I could sustain this eagerness to put it all on paper on the app and eventually on LJ

Wishing: there were a little more people active on LJ. A lot of folks don't hang out here anymore (and some are on Tumblr, which I try to do, but it's different) and I miss interacting and commenting and just reading up on everyone else's lives. Who are your active friends that you think I might get along with? Because I'm wishing for a little more life on my friends list and I just wish for the older golden days of LJ and the active communities. A girl can dream.

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