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What's Up: June 2013

So this was the month when I tried getting everything back in order. The operative word being "try." I've been so far behind on everything (reading, my bills, my diary, this LJ, organizing work) that I told myself I would need to shape up. True enough, a couple of alarms later, I feel much more efficient and on schedule. I know this makes me sound like an anal retentive girl, and I am, but I can't help it. I LOVE to be structured and organized and scheduled.

  • it rained today and still managed to be extremely hot. I had plans of going out and checking out two things but those obviously fell through. Instead, I stayed in and caught up on reading (books and blogs) and I was surprised and saddened to know that Dooce was apparently divorced. I don't get to follow her blog as often as I used to, but it was apparently a big thing in the blogging world. Sadness. Her daughters are still cute as ever though.
  • my littlest brother is all grown up and with a driver's license to boot. So as practice and good will to our grandma, I agreed to have him drive me to her house -- 15 minute drive. It wasn't too bad on a Sunday afternoon but still lots of practice to do. I'm such a grandma.
  • I ended up watching "Now You See Me" with Koko and Mimi and as far-fetched and elaborate as it was, I actually kinda enjoyed it. Jesse Eisenberg will always talk fast and Melanie Laurent will always be flawless. Also pretty rad? IFTTT. I've had an account for some time now but never used it. I'm kinda excited.
  • my dad and little sister finally arrived! Their plane was two hours early so it's a good thing our driver came earlier than expected. I also got an early start to my day and still there wasn't enough time for anything. I got home and previewed the box of goodies but with everyone jetlagged, I couldn't tell which was which. Marshmallow test, it is. I'll just wait.
  • I haven't been to many partner meetings recently, so when I was asked to sit in, I actually sort of looked forward to it. And true enough, the guy we met was kind of cute in a geeky way. Especially since I learned he founded his own start up and is pretty awesome with coding. Lets hope something good comes out of this. Also, it was great to finally meet Sophie's boyfriend. That was a nice dinner.
  • I called for a meeting today which I rarely do. I'm hoping things turn out well after this. Lots of work ahead but I'm glad we have some sort of road map. I also left work early ish again so I could catch my aunt from Canada, who's visiting. We stayed with her in New York back in 2005 and now she's married and staying in Vancouver. I wish I could visit her there soon.
  • it's the rainy season and commuting is going to get horrible so I'm glad that my dad was able to take me home. When I get home though, I see the shooting is still happening at the church and my favorite then teen stars are shooting! I totally gathered my guts and finally got a photo with him. That kept me high pretty much until the wee hours of the morning.
  • somehow, we managed to wake up even if we stayed up till 2am, getting all caught up on Bones. I woke up late though and almost missed my breakfast meeting with old high school friends. I'm glad I made it somehow to something. When i got home, Paola was game for more, I thought I'd loop her in to the grand TVD rewatch marathon.
  • Paola and I were supposed to go with dad to the fort so we could go to the mall, but then he had to leave by 630 and we got lazy. So instead we stayed in bed and woke up for lunch but the napped again. This is the life.
  • I was extra early to work and I'm glad because I somehow got a lot of work done in the morning. And even if I got off work later than usual, at least I ticked off the important stuff of the list and got half a free-ride home from dad. It all works out somehow.
  • the day before a holiday is always a double edged sword. I'm both dying to get home but also desperate to finish all the work that's due when we get back. Still, nothing beats a mid-week break and ill take the late night before any day. I can't wait.
  • started the holiday shockingly early but ended up napping the day away in between meals and TV shows. Basically a great way to spend the day. And then of course come driver duties, bringing my little sister to watch a concert while I hang at Starbucks with a book. I'm such a grandma.
  • well that was a curve ball. Just web I think I have all my bases covered, I get thrown a wrench from where I least expect it. Oh well, I shouldn't have been too trusting. It's just sad because I thought it was all good. Oh how wrong I was.
  • I've been looking forward to Sfriday so much, I can't believe it's here. Sure, I was out half the day and trying to be productive the other half, but at least I got things done before the weekend. Lots to worry about next week, but we'll get there.
  • for some strange reason, I woke up shockingly early on a Saturday, so there was a lot that got done before lunch. I got to read and play some and catch up on TV. the best part? We got to cajole my dad into taking us to see Man of Steel at the cinemas. Thank goodness for online purchase so we didn't have to line up for too long.
  • Fathers day was pretty good as my dad's into this kind of thing. We went out for lunch after mass in the morning. When we got home, it was raining hard and my little sister and I started our Orphan black marathon which turned out to be awesome.
  • I left for work late but managed to get to my presentation on time. I swear I need to wake up earlier now. It's back to school season and its so much more of a hassle again. Nothing got done today either so it'll be a hellish day tomorrow. Oh well, my brain is fried.
  • despite getting to work early, there was still a lot of work to do. The mini-earthquake didn't help either. I got rattled and shut down and left early. Sure it took me the same length of time to get home and to get to dad at the hospital but at least the traffic wasn't as bad.
  • so I thought I'd leave the office early today but it wasn't the case. Instead I'm still here trying to make a report for the next day and I have no idea if I'm doing things right. Lately, I feel like I'm not doing anything right. I guess that just means there's still so much to learn.
  • I'm really wondering if I'm cut out for this job. There are days when I'm really psyched and really positive. Then there are days when I'm just blah, lets stay home and not do anything. The latter is occurring way more often now.
  • i was out for a brainstorm for most of the day so it's back to long hours afterwards. It's my third day in a row and I'm quite tired. I'm glad I had that long talk with a friend. Looks like I had a lot of things to get off my chest.
  • my mom's home!!! She's been gone for over a month and its been way too long. Sure, I'm sad she had to leave my brother behind, but I'm hoping he finds a good job he enjoys. Paola and I watched World War Z right before we left for the airport and it was so awesome.
  • I woke up early enough to go to mass but was pretty groggy the entire day. Good thing I was able to nap for a bit after lunch. And though my dad wanted to go jogging before dinner, the rains pretty much stopped it. Oh well, I had good intentions.
  • I took half the day of cause j woke up with a bum stomach. I was pretty light headed the rest of the day and felt like puking at points but I'm glad I got some things done. I need to take a day off soon. I think I'm burning out really quickly.
  • another draining day is draining. But I managed to get through it and leave early enough to make it to Risa's surprise birthday salubong that her boyfriend threw her. It was really sweet and practically a mini/reunion for high school friends. I'm glad I was able to go.
  • little victories. I've been feeling really low lately and it's starting to show. So I'm trying my bestest to keep a smile on my face and be über cheerful about everything. I'm glad my meeting this afternoon was cancelled. At least I got to do things I needed to do.
  • I woke up late which didn't help considering I didn't even work last night. I went home earlier the day befor so I could work at home but I didn't. Today, I am suffering the consequences. And there'll be more to do tomorrow. It doesn't end.
  • so I still haven't slept. Not have I finished my list so it means it'll be a working weekend. There were good parts though. The big presentation turned out ok. I was able to attend Teeff's birthday dinner and still had enough energy to get the work event and hang out for a bit. Good luck this weekend though.
  • well it's not a surprise I woke up in the afternoon an then slept again. Still, my few waking hours weren't so bad. I thought I'd get to read and work and watch TV, instead I hung out with my uncle and met new folks and ate lots of pizza.
  • well, it looks like I'm not sleeping tonight. I don't know what possessed me to think I could finish all my presentations in one day when It takes me forever to craft one so I'm here paying for sleeping in yesterday and enjoying my weekend. Looks like this'll be a long week. I hope it turns out well.

    And there goes half our year. I can't believe we're down to 6 months left of 2013. It's going way too fast, that's for sure.

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