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12 of 12: Where I wasn't as Independent as I could have been

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

I love that this meme always falls on our national independence day -- which means, it's a holiday! I was so happy to have this mid-week reprieve just because things have been pretty toxic. And no, I didn't commemorate the holiday in a special way, but I'll take the day off any time.

12:01 am dining room
catching up on my unread feed over at Feedly. I miss Google Reader already but this one isn't too bad.
6:00 am our room
My little sister has yet to get up and rightfully so. It is a holiday after all. I secretly miss sharing our room.
7:30 am the stairs
I love this bay window of ours. Although the view isn't much (it's still a nice green view we get). I'll take it.
9:00 am dining room
Dim sum for breakfast? Yes, please. I love how we can eat absolutely anything no matter what time of day.
10:30 am dad's room
With mom away, I've taken advantage of staying on her side of the bed. Don't worry, mom, I'm clean. Promise.
12:00 pm dining room
lunch time! Chicken kare-kare was pretty awesome and I had way too much of it. There's so much food and so little of us.
12:30 pm dining room
This is dad trying his best to understand what Candy Crush is. I've never seen him so nervous at anything.
6:30 pm our bathroom
The little monkey is getting ready for her concert experience. I wish I were this cute when I was her age.
8:00 pm Bonchon Chicken
Dinner for one as my long night ahead waits. The beauty of technology? I watched Mad Men while I ate my chicken.
9:30 pm Starbucks - Theater Mall
Yes, that's a venti. I don't usually consume this much coffee, but I felt like this evening's wait called for it.
11:00 pm Starbucks - Theater Mall
Pio's woken up and is actively awaiting Paola's exit from the concert. I didn't realize how tired we really were.
11:30 pm Greenhills
And we're finally complete and ready to head home. I'm such a grandma for being so sleepy this early. Oh well.

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