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Fangirling Circa 1995

I'm not sure when I started exactly, but I've been a fangirl since as long as I can remember. It wasn't always with Hollywood celebrities either. There was a time when I was hardcore into our local scene. Perhaps, I can blame it on lack of choices back then. The internet could not aid me in stalking foreign stars and I'd only see them in the movies, so local TV it was.

Back then, I was in gradeschool and with very limited resources. So when my favorite teen show, TGIS (Thank God it's Sabado) started shooting in our village, I was elated. I could see my favorite barkada up close! I remember asking permission from my mom if I could go to the church (it's like ten steps from our house) and watch them shoot!

My favorite stars of this show was the lead couple, Bobby Andrews (who was like 20!!!) and Angelu De Leon. They played the lead stars/couple and I shipped them before I even knew what shipping was. I obsessed over this couple, watched their other movies when the show ended and even followed their ~more mature TV shows when TGIS was done.

TGIS ended, I'm not sure why, but in my head it was because Angelu got pregnant and had to leave the show (it was teen oriented after, all). But on one of their last shooting days in our church, I gather guts and approach Angelu with paper!!! I got her autograph. She was nice but curt. I guess she was tired from filming and she was already carrying.

I was going to approach Bobby but he was smoking (!!!) And I was but an impressionable kid that didn't want to disturb the older guy smoking on his break. So I contented myself with Angelu's signature on the back of my filofax (so very 90s).

Bobby and Angelu's careers sort of cooled down after their TGIS heyday, though they still had work. I just didn't get to follow them as hardcore as I did when they were a couple. I guess cable TV finally emerged as well and introduced me to the likes of Dawson's Creek and Felicity. But once in a while, I'd see news about Bobby or Angelu in the newspaper and be all, "so that's what they're up to now."

Flashforward to 2013 and I come home last Friday late with my dad. It's sort of raining and they're still shooting in the church. They've been shooting since this morning and I casually ask my dad if I can go check out who's shooting. My dad, of course, the ultimate fanboy, encourages me and I get off the car and see it's Teen Gen -- which is like the updated TGIS where Bobby and Angelu still play their characters except they're now with kids!!!

I haven't gotten a chance to watch this series, nor do I have plans, but my heart still beats for this couple and when I realize it's a wedding they're shooting, I'm already at home and all settled in. My little sister and I are supposed to be eating pizza and watching Bones, but because I got in late, she's fallen asleep.

I figured, I might as well go for it. So a little before midnight, I head back to the church, with my newl-roused Little sister in tow and conveniently spot Bobby Andrews smoking (again!!!). He's also having his make-up retouched so I try to wait my time, but I can't wait too long, for fear he'll be called back in to shoot. He isn't blind and sees me fidgeting in the side so he asks if I wanted to take a photo, and I'm there speechless.

So I go into this preamble about how I was a HUGE fan back then and that I know they used to shoot here, too. He finally gets his make-up done and when he puts his arm on my shoulder, I am apparently visibly shaking and he calls me out on this, in a really cute way. I AM SHAKING!!!! How can I not be shaking. It's been 17 years since they shot here and I never got my photo.

with none other than Wacks Torres, hero of my childish dreams

And I finally got it after two tries. I wish I had thought to bring a better camera, but this one will suffice. He was really nice about it and was telling me to stop shaking which would only make me shake further. On my other hand is a pizza crust, which you can't see because I've hidden it. I'm not sure why I didn't just leave the pizza at home, but I guess I thought i'd be hanging around waiting for them to stop shooting a long time.

Bobby was really nice about the entire experience. I'm not sure how many deranged fangirls he gets now, but I'm not so proud to say, I was one of the originals. And his love team with Angelu practically inducted me into the sphere of fangirling so I guess I owed him and their pseudo-TV love this post to remember it by. He told me to stay around as Angelu would be on her way out, but I was too high with getting a photo with him, I thought I would combust if I stayed any longer.

So the fangirl in me is still strong, apparently, it just isn't given time or reason to come out to play. I'm not sure how my local fangirling experience can be topped by this, but it was really nice to have it come out unexpectedly. Till the next time they shoot in our village. Then, I can be all chill about it. Yeah right.

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