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What's up: May 2013

I started the month in such a negative state (a lot of it can be blamed on me to begin with) but it all worked itself out eventually -- but not without a lot of drama and crying and praying on my end. Still, this month wasn't just fraught with negativity. So many wonderful things happened too and I'm glad for May for what it's worth.

  • it's a little annoying how we woke up on a holiday to no power. Meaning it was sweltering hot and I had no wifi. Thank goodness for my dad taking us to Rockwell and catching Iron Man 3 -- which I have to say was pretty awesome. Not a bad start to the month
  • I'm not sure how we got to do so many things today but it was pretty productive in a really tiring and hectic way. I wish I had finished everything on the to-do list but I didn't. Yikes.
  • Sa Wakas kicked ass. I thought I'd be more cringe-y about it but I wasn't. I'm glad I went with Macy and Marla even if I'm not super familiar with a lot of Sugarfree songs.
  • Hey there, Bale Dutung. Pamy took me as her plus one to an amazing ten course lunch with her college friends at this crazy awesome restaurant in Pampanga. Pamy's friends have alway been so nice to me.
  • It's been a long time since we all (my family) went to SM north with everyone! I miss going to malls all together. It makes me feel old to realize that most of our time is now spent apart. As compared to before where all our waking moments were together.
  • What started out as not such a good day turned out to be pretty fantastic thanks to impromptu-ish Dinner with Macy! Thank goodness. Highlight of the day. To think I almost cancelled on her because of my free ride home. I'm glad I didn't. I needed that.
  • I went home early ish so I could hang with Pamy before she leaves. In fairness her going made me miss her a little bit since she hasn't been around in a bit. I'm happy when she's here, but I think we work better when we're apart for the longer periods of time. Sorry, Pam, but it's true. I do, miss you though.
  • For some reason, I insisted on bringing my sister to the airport even if I knew this would make me sleep in a little later. True enough, I woke up later than usual and got to work a tad late. I hate being late but I'm just glad I got through the day.
  • as hard as it is to wake up early, when dad takes me with him, it's totally alright. I'm gonna miss the free rides (and coffee) and dad in general when they go to the US. sure, it's only a couple of weeks but still.
  • I'm a little miffed that I wasn't able to really enjoy the Candy Style awards because I was working the entire time (on my other brands) that needed to be attended to at the office. Sure, I was there physically, but I was on the phone the entire time emailing and calling folks. It's settling in how difficult it is to be alone in this.
  • it was nice but hectic to do last minute errands with mom before they leave for the US tonight. Even if I was quite tired, I didn't mind driving mom to the mall. I'm such a baby, but I'm really going to miss my family.
  • this is probably the first mothers day where we weren't with mom. Instead, Pietro and i went to Mama's house and ended up hanging out for mot of the day. That house is terribly hot but still, we end up staying for longer than expected.
  • thank goodness for the kong weekend. Even if it was for election day, at least we still got the monday off. And my goodness, still efficiency at its worst. The lines in our precinct were long as always even if we went really late in the afternoon. Whyyyyyy???
  • for some reason, i totally forgot that Jason Mrazn's concert Was tonight but I'm so glad I went. His music is always so A+ and he sounds so amazing live. And with everything happening recently, his music and lyrics were really speaking to me. Till you come back, Mr. A-Z. I'll definitely be there again.
  • This has never in the history of histories happened to me before but i was actually quasi-late ish for pub report. The first reports weren't my brands but seeing that the bosses were there before me really wigs me out. I really need to resolve to waking up earlier even if my little sister (my alarm clock) isnt here.
  • Brainstorm with the Candy girls is always A+ even if I was late. They're always so fun to be with. Plus i left the office early-ishto watch Star Trek with my brothers and cousins and I'm so happy I saw it. Wonderful. So worth the early out. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch win at life
  • It was an eerily calm day despite it being the day before an event. I chilled in the office and got shitloads of work done. These are my favorite kinds of days. Uneventful but totally productive. I wish I could sequester myself to an island.
  • Crazy day was crazy. I spent the entire day at Yummy Eats, stuffing myself and thinking of food. And then afterwards, i don't know how I found the energy, but I went to Wanderland (also known as Faux-chela). The bands were pretty good but the crowd was also pretty pretentious. I need to stop doing back to back stuff.
  • Sundays are all about catching up on TV and sleeping and eating. Pio is a pretty good home buddy. I hope things don't change when he learns to drive, because based on experience, once a brother learns to drive, they're barely at home. I should cherish this.
  • I'm not a big fan of back to back meetings. Not only do I find them to be possible time wasters (if they drag on too much) but they also make me very tired and therefore very unproductive. I really look up to folks who can switch brains and topics for every meeting they attend. I'm tired.
  • So it's only Tuesday and I'm terribly drained already. I'm happy I was able to leave work early enough to make it to dinner for my brothers despedida. It wasn't the most unawkward dinner ever but it was still kinda fun. His friends surprised him which was kinda cute.
  • I finally got to watch The Greay Gatsby with Koko, Macy and Mimi. We had dinner at Yabu first. I'm not sure how ill wake up tomorrow to drive Pietro to the airport but this was a fun night, old sport.
  • driving Pietro to the airport was hard. It's difficult to drive while crying so the tears came after. I managed to make it through the day and blew off some pent up aggression at the boxing ring with Risa and Julo. That was surprisingly fun.
  • what a day! Team building usually isn't my shiz but this was surprisingly fun. Sure, my group ended in last place but I realized that I like this set of people and can't wait to work with them more. Plus. The after party was o much more fun.
  • woke up with such an aching body. But it's all good because I spent the entire day, well almost all of it asleep and just reading lazily. Now if only it weren't so effing hot, it'd be perfect.
  • my body still hurts like crazy, but a little less than yesterday. I'm almost all caught up with Doctor Who, but I got through mad Men and Game of thrones so its been pretty productive. I wish I has napped today.
  • Monday mornings are the worst. But I'm thankful the morning commute wasn't too bad and I was able to sort of go through some of my checklist which is rare. I also got to have lunch with Koko, who's always a treat to hang with.
  • I can't believe it's only Tuesday. Despite sleeping early, it still took a bit for me to get up and out of bed. It's still so weird waking up with no one else at home. But 2 meetings later, I'm feeling better about the day. And to make me feel old, my youngest brother just got his drivers license. Wow.
  • dinner with the girls is always a good thing and I'm glad I was able to hang with Chrissy, Lou, Macy, Erin and Stephie. Even with a semi crazy day, I still got to accomplish things and have a gabfest with the girls. I can't wait till the weekend.
  • another dinner with Blanche who's back from her monthlong Euro-trip, Marla, Mimi, Koko and Stephie again. It's nice to hear stories about London. I wish I could go back soon.
  • ending the month right by leaving work earlier tha usual, catching Fast and Furiois 6 with Blanche and Mimi, grabbing dinner then getting a massage. Wow. I didn't think I needed it but my body was saying otherwise. What a month. I'm so happy it's the weekend.

    And there goes May. I can't believe we're nearly done with half the year. 2013 has been pretty crazy so far without a month going by without something big happening. I just hope all the big things to come are of a positive nature.

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