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Currently: Listening to a whole lot of music

Loving: Calamansi Juice has been my go-to drink for the summer and we're consuming so much of it, Ate Letlet has to make it in vats now. I can literally drink bottles of this whenever I'm at home just because the weather has been so terribly unbearable. Yay for little victories with this heat-fighting drink.

Reading: I'm still behind on the reading list but I had to make sure to squeeze Inferno in there somehow. I've always been pretty fascinated by the series but this one fell short a bit. No, it wasn't because Manila was given a negative shout out -- I'm not even affected by it -- it was just the plot and the details to back it up (which usually is what I love) didn't seem as convincing this time around

Watching: It's summer TV and everyone's season finales are done, so thank goodness for the few things I can watch like NBC's Hannibal. I love that we've got MorpheusLaurence Fishburne and Hugh Dancy on my screen but most especiall Mads Mikkelsen who just lights up the screen whenever he shows up. It's gory and gross and can be a little unsettling to watch but I've loved it so far and I hope it gets picked up for another season.

Anticipating: Given the horrible weather, I'm actually slightly looking forward to some rainy season. Though of course, the commute will be twice as terrible, at least I won't be sweating straight out of the shower. Looks like my rain boots will be put to good use again. I'm hoping we don't get flood-inducing typhoons though. We've had enough of those, thank you very much.

Listening to: Because I'm living as if I'm not broke (when I am), I was lucky enough to see both and Jason Mraz, Temper Trap, Neon Trees and Nada Surf at Wanderland 2013 (which is really a faux-Coachella) but despite the venues, they were both pretty awesome. Mraz is glorious as always, no matter how many times I see him and he always sounds fantastic. This time around, it felt like the lyrics were really speaking to me even if I've heard them so many times. LOVE indeed.

Planning: On saving more money. For real. I haven't been very good at it ever since London last year but now, I know I have to be. Looks like it's goodbye to the cabs and the eating out a lot and just taking public transportation more no matter how much I loathe it. It'll be hard again, but it'll help. I need to add an alarm for this so I'll remember.

Working on: I promised my little sister the room would be clean by the time she gets back and so far, no dice. I still have a week or so till she returns so I should definitely try and get a crack at it. It's just so daunting. Opening up my closet is a nightmare unto itself. Why can't I keep things clean for extended periods of time?!?

Wishing: My brother, Pietro just left for the US -- in hopes of find a job which leaves the kid count at home to three left. I know everyone has to grow up and move on with life but I'm still a little sad over this. I wish we could be complete again and at home and together. I can't even wish for it on Christmas, so I'll just wish for it now

Shout out to Katrinawho showed me the light with this!

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